Split Dragon is a handy tool for online sellers that not only helps you track your competitors and perform a thorough analysis of your products but also provides you with the best keyword suggestions for your product listings.

Split Dragon is the first keyword search tool built specifically for eCommerce. It specifically targets search engines of popular eCommerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

The following is a demonstration of how to do keyword research through Split Dragon

Leave your arrow pointing somewhere in the product title to preview that product.

Check your product listings and select the one you want to do keyword research for. For this particular example, we’ll choose Chrome Industries: Ziptop Waistpack: Black.root-idea-keywords

The root keyword is the term you will type into the Split Dragon Keyword generator.

You can start with your own product list to brainstorm for root keyword ideas starting with your product title. It’s generally not a good idea to type your entire product title into the search box when doing keyword research.

Instead, choose the part of the title that you think really fits your product. It shouldn’t be too specific but not too vague either. As far as product titles go, for this particular item, the term “waistpack” could be a viable candidate for your root keyword.

Better Product Ranking In Lazada And Shopee

The more clicks, purchases, and likes you have on your Lazada and Shopee products, the more visible a product listing will be.

However, waiting to receive reactions to your product is not a viable strategy when it comes to expanding your online business. In this regard, it is important to apply one of the most traditional business maxims of all time: “Don’t wait for customers to come to you. You go to the customer. “

In the case of phone number list an eCommerce business, this relates to taking the necessary steps to ensure the visibility and traceability of your products.

When you keep getting sales for a certain product, Shopee or Lazada are encouraged to show your product to customers more often.

But by adding keyword research into the equation, you can take matters into your own hands.

Rootstorm Root Keyword Ideas

phone number list

But due to the large number of products being sold on Lazada and Shopee, it becomes imperative for sellers to work on making their product listings stand out and be visible to potential buyers.

Paying attention to keyword research helps you increase the visibility power of your product listings. Hence, you will increase your store sales.

There are two ways to rank keywords. You can do it organically or inorganically. To rank organically with regard to the use of keywords and go through the natural process of search ranking. Meanwhile, ranking inorganically means pushing paid ads. While the latter has proven B2C Phone List to be an effective way to drive traffic to specific product listings, it can also lead to higher advertising costs. Implementing keyword research in your product listings allows you to not only increase your sales and visibility, but also to minimize projected costs in marketing.

How To Find The Best Keywords For Lazada Examples

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