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 If you want to improve the quality of your recruitment, the first step is to start hiring better talent. This can be achieved by sourcing talent from a high-quality talent pool, using better screening and assessment tools, and investing in employer brands finding talent from a high-quality talent pool: there are many ways to find high-quality candidates, such as using recruitment committees, employee referral programs, and social media use better screening and assessment tools: another way to hire better talent is to use better screening and assessment tools.

Fails when starting to design

Screening tools can help you identify the best candidates by assessing new data their skills, experience and suitability for the job. Evaluation tools can then be used to assess a candidate’s ability to get the job done and their potential for success. Learn more about the assessment tool here investing in employer brands: investing in employer brands is another way to hire better talent.

They are principles so simple to apply that

By creating a strong employer brand, you can attract high-quality candidates B2C phone List who are suitable for your company improving the interview process: improving the interview process. This can be achieved by simplifying the process, ensuring that all interviewers are trained and consistent, and using structured interviews simplify the process: one way to improve the interview process is to simplify the process.

On social media, she needs to respond

Send an email, too. And all this as quickly as possible! So you need to know which channel to communicate through, which language to use, what your audience’s pains or desires are and how to approach them. The closer, more personalized and “humanized” this relationship is, the easier the sale will be ! While we’re at it, I also want to share with you this quote from one of my favorite authors , which has everything to do with what I’ve said so far: Simon Sinek“ 100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don’t understand people , you don’t understand business.

Those with radio or newspaper audiences

Simon Sinek Oh, and before I forget, you can check out several other Digital Marketing phrases in the tip below. I hope you enjoy! Tip: Digital Marketing Phrases: inspirations for you and your team. How to start in Digital Marketing? Well, just to recap, you’ve already seen what Digital Marketing means , the areas of activity and some other issues that encompass it. The time has come, then, to know what is needed to draw up new data a good strategy and start getting results : Be clear about your objective First of all, define what the main objective of the Digital Marketing strategy is : Is it attracting traffic to the website? Is it getting leads ? Is it getting your.

Online relationships are very different from


With mental triggers, the choice between one product and another is made more naturally and, sometimes, even automatically. Doubt? Come with me, and now I’ll show you examples of mental triggers in Digital Marketing : Scarcity mental trigger If a post on social media from that course you’ve been eyeing for months says B2C phone List that places are running out, you’ll probably want to buy soon so you don’t lose your place. This is the mental trigger of scarcity.

The Securities and Exchange Commission

Very few even launch their own digital product. Many people imagine that once the product is ready, people will want to buy it. A bit like with a blog. But that’s not how it goes. If it were this easy, everyone would have a successful digital business. My flagship course From Blogger to Professional™ starts twice a year. I spend 3 months planning the launch. And yet sometimes it feels like time is running out. Every time I do the same steps that worked the previous time and every time I add a little something extra. Maybe that’s why the launches have been successful. 11.  improve Be kind to yourself. If you have an audience of 500 people and you screw up in front of them, they’re only a handful of the potential you probably have.

Do your best, you can always

 It’s okay to make mistakes. Just guess how many times I’ve sent a sales email only to find that the message was missing new data a link. who has made this mistake! Here are some other mocks that have been made over the years: the post has been published without editing the post has been published without search engine optimization and images the weekly newsletter has been sent to the wrong audience a sales email has been sent to those who have already purchased the course the unedited video has been published on Youtube the weekly newsletter has not been sent at all there is nothing for sale in the sales pipeline (by the way, this is already pretty bad ) half of the text is missing from the e-mail message of the sales pipeline (because the writing was interrupted for some reason and I no longer remembered it…) So mistakes happen.

And I’m not the only one

Laugh! Apologize! And next time do it B2C phone List  differently <3 12. Improve things strategically This is a lesson that I have realized a little later, but for this I also have to thank the boys of the Digital Revolution. Whether it’s building a business, scaling sales, launching, taking an online course, or starting a blog, there’s always room for improvement. I myself have recorded as much as possible everything that I can record. Based on these statistics, I make a decision on what to improve and where to focus my resources next I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Don’t just look at the euros. If no euros come, the reason is usually somewhere else than where you assume.

Our purchasing habits have chang

  • Our purchasing habits have chang. And. Without exaggeration. We could also say our lifestyle. The same thing goes for those who look with interest at the facebook page or website of their favorite store before making a purchase. 
  • But what are the aspects to take into consideration for a successful local marketing strategy? 
  • Local seo : localiz. Search engine optimization makes websites visible through coherent and relevant keywords.

It is important to carry out research and know

  •  It is important to carry out research and know very well the customs and habits of new data the place you want to promote locally to choose the right words and hit the mark. After the online search. Once the user’s interest and curiosity has been arous.. It is easy to move from the web visit to the physical one! 
  • Social m.Ia marketing : managing the social m.Ia (mainly facebook and instagram) of a local business means telling your daily life to come into contact with the customer.

In order to define the target as much as possible and reach it

  •  In order to define the target as much as possible and reach it.
  • If us. With the right care. Instagram is an effective tool for local business: therefore be careful to use geotags. I.E. Tagging the location in which the business is locat.. As well as the right hashtags. There is also space for stories which. Among the possibilities that this social network offers us. Are certainly the most engaging.  
  • Reviews on platforms such as facebook. Google my business B2C Phone List and trip advisor are also very important: in fact. They play an important role for local business.

Write using the most natural language possible

The basic concept is this: by intercepting the user’s questions you can use answers capable of obtaining visibility on Google. For example. to create Voice Search Optimization (VSO) FAQs you ne to follow a simple rule: write using the most natural language possible. Aim for a basic syntactic structure. ignore excessively long sentences and terms not us by your potential readers. Add FAQ schema for rich snippets Last step for SEO friendly FAQ: enter microdata to suggest to Google that you have answer certain questions. Having a semantically defin text helps you.

What is a data dashboard for

Improve your SEO positioning because you add elements within the SERP that attract attention. You therefore increase the click-through rate of a web result. The best mechanism to achieve this benefit: mark up frequently ask questions (FAQs) with the structur data suggest by Google . There are specific plugins to add additional information capable of marking the content as an FAQ page. But one of the best solutions is the one offer by WordPress SEO by Yoast which integrates  new data with Gutenberg and provides a block dicat only to SEO friendly FAQs. Must read: how to improve buyer personas The right way to create SEO and UX FAQs In summary: put the nes of the public at the centre.

Web Performers I like to collect data from sites

Answer the questions that people actually ask about a certain topic. don’t use the FAQ only for activities relat to search engine optimization and allow the public to reach you to solve concrete problems. Mirko Ciesco Mirko Ciesco Web Performers I like to collect data from sites to understand how to take them to the next level! 🚀 I am an expert in web performance . I optimize technical SEO and improve the usability of websites through web analytics . I create  B2C Phone List winning strategies starting from the problems of startups and companies. Finally. I hold personaliz courses online and throughout Italy with the mission of making the web a better place.

How to create SEO FAQ pages

Mouseflow Compared to other tools for creating heat maps, Mouseflow has a series of extra functions that enrich the offer necessary to analyze user behavior on the website. For example, it is possible to find out which errors make filling out a form complex. That is, one of the fundamental elements to achieve the conversion goal. You can also deeply analyze the funnel to identify points where users abandon. Must read: exploit the priming effect to design an effective website How to best use these tools? Recording user actions with heatmaps is important. Perhaps it is one of the most important actions to optimize the performance of websites, especially e-commerce where every click can impact turnover.

How to create an SEO friendly FAQ

What matters is not just obtaining data : it must also be interpreted and used in the best possible way. Mirko Ciesco Mirko Ciesco Web Performers I like to collect data from sites to understand how to take them to the next level I am an expert in web performance , I optimize technical SEO and improve the usability of websites through web analytics . I create winning strategies starting from the problems of startups and companies. Finally, I hold personalized courses online and throughout  new data Italy with the mission of making the web a better place.SEO friendly FAQs are a key point of search engine optimization and UX work. especially in certain industries.

How to create an SEO friendly FAQ

new data

Because the pages that answer the public’s main questions help the brand to shorten distances and support the potential customer in finding answers without inconvenience. This increases online trust and awareness that you are in the right place. On the other hand. SEO FAQs are perfect for having more opportunities to rank your website for certain queries. Particularly those that contain long tail keywords . also express through voice commands  B2C Phone List via smartphone. We are tackling one of the favorite topics of those who love to optimize a website starting from the nes of the public.

6 mistakes to avoid when creating digital content

Types, errors and suggestions on the content you produce for the web. To help you communicate with your audience. Today, everyone produces digital content . But how much is really useful and of good quality? And, above all, do you want to risk that among the low standard contents there will also be those of your project? No, right? Let’s analyze, then, what is best to avoid in order to create content. That is always up to the task. The most unbearable errors that can be found on the web are grammatical ones. Even just one grammatical error can cause you to lose a lot of points . 

What are digital contents?

Digital content is the foundation of the web world. Special Data Anyone who wants to communicate through this. Channel must know how to produce good content. Companies, in particular, have become increasingly aware of the fact. That the success or otherwise of a project depends precisely on these contents. To be successful, digital content must be of high quality . Follow a standard that meets the needs of the web and, obviously, be error-free. Digital content very often has characteristics similar to advertising content. In reality, unlike the latter, it is characterized by a much more personal aspect. The strength of communication on the internet. In fact, lies precisely in the possibility of breaking down. Certain barriers and expressing oneself spontaneously . 

What are the types of digital content?

In a world as varied and dynamic as the web, digital content could not be outdone. B2C Phone List Each of these elements requires specific attention and preparation. Even if in some cases, as happens with youtubers. You can think of starting from scratch and then creating a real format. To push your business you can’t think of trying . The risk is to waste time and money on useless mistakes . For this reason it is preferable to rely on professionals. Content created by an expert is coherent, focused on the goal. And not a jumble of elements thrown together. An example? Just think about shooting a video. By preparing the textual part you avoid having to cut out errors, pauses that are too long and blunders. Just as the equipment will be better and the filming and editing will be of higher quality.

How to do marketing automation with Active Campaign

Find out everything you need to know about marketing automation. And the use of active campaign, the perfect email marketing software. For managing your business’ email contacts. Have you ever thought that all those communications are not written . By hand from time to time, but are created beforehand and scheduled for sending. That’s right, it’s marketing automation . In addition to scheduling and automation, you can send your emails. To large lists of contacts , even up to 10,000 people at the same time. If you have prepared a sales email to introduce your product. You can send your email to a wide audience and be more likely to have peoplebuye it. 

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is an expression that identifies. Latest data All those processes that allow semi-repetitive activities in marketing to be automated. An example is sending emails to your readers. Or contacts acquired through lead generation. Marketing automation could be as simple as automatically . Sending a welcome email to people who sign up to your newsletter. Or sending a sequence of emails to people who have shown interest in a product or service. Automating all these processes is essential for two reasons: You can save hours of work to dedicate to other activities that require manual work; It’s the only way to make your business scalable . If you had to take care of every marketing task yourself. You probably wouldn’t be able to manage everything and would be wasting valuable time.

Advantages of using an email marketing platform

The email marketing platform is the tool that allows you to send your emails. B2C Phone List Automatically and massively to your contact list. In 2020, it is now essential to have software of this type to manage email addresses. You cannot think of sending your sales communications to your customers via gmail. Outlook or any traditional email medium. This is because they are effective tools in personal. And communication between two people. But dangerous in commercial communication . In fact, by sending commercial attachments. Sales links or sales emails through these tools. You risk having your emails end up in the recipients’ spam box. And having your account blocked for dangerous activity. Better not to do it. Trust yourself with a professional tool .

How to create a professional logo?

The steps to design your logo and the programs to use for its creation. Is attracting customers , standing out on the market. And making your identity clear possible with just one element? Yes, thanks to your logo . Whether you have a company, an e-commerce site, or are working on a personal brand. Having a logo that distinguishes you is essential for your project and your business. The logo is that identity symbol that creates a visual relationship with the public . This is why it allows you to be recognized among thousands of competitors. A logo doesn’t have to be just a pretty image to display next to your company name, it has to be you. It must represent you 100%, be unique and recognisable .

What are the characteristics of an effective logo?

Being able to make all these aspects coincide in a single icon is not easy. New Database To create a professional logo it takes experience, creative sense and technical knowledge. Turning to a professional is the best solution.  But if you want to be able to orient yourself.  To make the best choices, we can give you some useful advice on how to create a logo .  Which tools and free resources to use. As we have already mentioned, a logo is a graphic representation.  That identifies who you are, which is why it cannot ignore some basic rules. A logo must be:




Try to think of the logos of all the most important.  Brands you know, you will notice that.  The characteristic that distinguishes them is simplicity. 

Start with your company name

A useful way to create a quality logo is to work on your company name . B2C Phone List  An example? Think apple. Take a pen and paper , write the name of your company or brand on a piece of paper and start experimenting. Also write the answers to the three questions we have just seen. They will be useful for you to get ideas and ideas to work on. Now you can unleash your creativity and try to make some sketches. Starting from the graphic signs of the name or the images to which the name. And the answers to the previous questions, refer. You can act on these shapes by breaking them down or stylizing them. For example, if you deal with travel, your images could include a plane, the world or a map. 

2020 Guide to SEO Plugins for WordPress

What is a plugin? How does seo help you? And which one to choose for your wordpress site? WordPress is among the most successful platforms for creating sites . It’s easy to use, has a wide choice of themes and lots of quality plugins . Today we want to focus on the possibilities that . WordPress offers you through its plugins. In particular to do seo on your site more easily and quickly. As you know well by now, seo is an obligatory step in the configuration. In the structure of the contents and of the site itself. Being able to manage seo in its entirety determines the success of your project on the web. Doing seo is fundamental and does not only include the aspect of writing articles . But concerns the site as a whole.

What is a plugin?

The plugin is a tool that allows you to add useful features.  New Data To your site without intervening directly on the code. Simple, right? Yet the advantages are truly remarkable. In addition to saving time and reducing development costs . A plugin gives you the possibility of applying changes to the site. While maintaining the integrity of the theme and the site in general. Even after various updates, in a completely autonomous manner. While, if you intervened on the code, you would have to create a copy of the site so as not to modify the original files. Not to mention the need to have good technical skills or a professional available . Each website allows you to use many types of plugins based on the option you want to add.

What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Contents and of the site itself. B2C Phone List Being able to manage seo in its entirety determines the success of your project on the web. Doing seo is fundamental and does not only include the aspect of writing articles . But concerns the site as a whole. When we talk about seo plugins for wordpress . We are referring to a whole series of tools that act in a general way on the site. Promoting optimization and therefore positioning on the serp. We have selected the best seo plugins for wordpress for you. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the top plugins to download on your wordpress site. Suggests and corrects every aspect of seo optimization . From keyword repetitions, to titles. To the presence of links, to image optimization . To readability, analyze every aspect of your articles.

A beauty blogger on the other hand

Wedding blog: for your own pleasure or to meet the budget? There are also wonderful themes for Blogger , which can also be used in wedding blogs. The theme below is suitable for both fashion, beauty and wedding blogs. (*) is $20 (approx. Wedding blog: for your own pleasure or to meet the budget? Whereas this theme (*) costs $5approx. Wedding blog: for your own pleasure or to meet the budget? Publishing a wedding blog and sharing posts Before you tell the whole world about your wedding blog (because it’s definitely worth doing), write 10-15 posts and publish them. You can write the posts in advance and schedule them to be published once a week.

The price of this theme

At the same time as the posts are published, you still have plenty of time to modify the look of the blog. Remember that it’s okay to blog , even if you write new data and publish things that happened a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend doing this so that you can write posts in advance and schedule them. Scheduling your posts frees up time for your wedding arrangements, after which you have new material for the blog. Also read this: 123 ideas how to get more readers to your blog on the blog for several posts, the next step is to start sharing the posts on social media.

When there is enough reading

As so many times before, I remind you to share posts on different days on different social media channels, so that you get comprehensive visibility for the blog. That way , you won’t seem like a spammer and nobody will get annoyed for nothing How should a wedding blog be commercialized? The commercialization of a wedding blog should be done discreetly. By this I mean that the reader can see and B2c Phone List read between the lines whether the income is mandatory or not. If you want to commercialize your own wedding blog, consider a handful of affiliate products that are essentially related to the topic of the wedding blog.

10 of the Hottest Alternative Social Media Platforms

Marketers know that the realm of social media moves fast. There are algorithms to track, new features to understand, and countless trends to tap into. Especially the rise of AI tools for social media. Social Media Platforms

The popularity of social media platforms can fluctuate over time due to various factors, including changing user preferences and the emergence of new ones. We just need to look at the decline in popularity. And users of Clubhouse and BeReal to see how quickly things can change in the social media realm.

In this blog, we’re going to look at ten ‘alternative’ social media apps you should consider as part of your strategy. These apps fall into five categories:


What’s different about Lemon8 is that there are a lot of influencer ads and product recommendations and it’s hard to tell what’s sponsored content). There’s new data also a lot of writing as captions can include instructions or even recipes.

Marketing opportunities – Lemon8 is currently ad-free but due to its popularity, it could offer ads in the future. At the moment brands can use it to work with creators to feature their products.

The function of the app is simple

new data

The function of the app is simple – it allows users to view live pictures from family and friends from an iPhone’s home screen. Users can invite and add contacts and then add the app’s widget to a phone. The app will show the photos of contacts as they add images during the day.

Users can also upload photos to a ‘locket; which B2C phone List is then automatically shared and refreshed with the locket on the screens of family and friends.

The app rose to the top of the App Store charts after launching on New Year’s Day in 2022 and has been downloaded 20 million times. Since its launch, Locket has seen over 1 billion photos shared according to TechCrunch. Social Media Platforms