How to do marketing automation with Active Campaign

Find out everything you need to know about marketing automation. And the use of active campaign, the perfect email marketing software. For managing your business’ email contacts. Have you ever thought that all those communications are not written . By hand from time to time, but are created beforehand and scheduled for sending. That’s right, it’s marketing automation . In addition to scheduling and automation, you can send your emails. To large lists of contacts , even up to 10,000 people at the same time. If you have prepared a sales email to introduce your product. You can send your email to a wide audience and be more likely to have peoplebuye it. 

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is an expression that identifies. Latest data All those processes that allow semi-repetitive activities in marketing to be automated. An example is sending emails to your readers. Or contacts acquired through lead generation. Marketing automation could be as simple as automatically . Sending a welcome email to people who sign up to your newsletter. Or sending a sequence of emails to people who have shown interest in a product or service. Automating all these processes is essential for two reasons: You can save hours of work to dedicate to other activities that require manual work; It’s the only way to make your business scalable . If you had to take care of every marketing task yourself. You probably wouldn’t be able to manage everything and would be wasting valuable time.

Advantages of using an email marketing platform

The email marketing platform is the tool that allows you to send your emails. B2C Phone List Automatically and massively to your contact list. In 2020, it is now essential to have software of this type to manage email addresses. You cannot think of sending your sales communications to your customers via gmail. Outlook or any traditional email medium. This is because they are effective tools in personal. And communication between two people. But dangerous in commercial communication . In fact, by sending commercial attachments. Sales links or sales emails through these tools. You risk having your emails end up in the recipients’ spam box. And having your account blocked for dangerous activity. Better not to do it. Trust yourself with a professional tool .

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