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Very few even launch their own digital product. Many people imagine that once the product is ready, people will want to buy it. A bit like with a blog. But that’s not how it goes. If it were this easy, everyone would have a successful digital business. My flagship course From Blogger to Professional™ starts twice a year. I spend 3 months planning the launch. And yet sometimes it feels like time is running out. Every time I do the same steps that worked the previous time and every time I add a little something extra. Maybe that’s why the launches have been successful. 11.  improve Be kind to yourself. If you have an audience of 500 people and you screw up in front of them, they’re only a handful of the potential you probably have.

Do your best, you can always

 It’s okay to make mistakes. Just guess how many times I’ve sent a sales email only to find that the message was missing new data a link. who has made this mistake! Here are some other mocks that have been made over the years: the post has been published without editing the post has been published without search engine optimization and images the weekly newsletter has been sent to the wrong audience a sales email has been sent to those who have already purchased the course the unedited video has been published on Youtube the weekly newsletter has not been sent at all there is nothing for sale in the sales pipeline (by the way, this is already pretty bad ) half of the text is missing from the e-mail message of the sales pipeline (because the writing was interrupted for some reason and I no longer remembered it…) So mistakes happen.

And I’m not the only one

Laugh! Apologize! And next time do it B2C phone List  differently <3 12. Improve things strategically This is a lesson that I have realized a little later, but for this I also have to thank the boys of the Digital Revolution. Whether it’s building a business, scaling sales, launching, taking an online course, or starting a blog, there’s always room for improvement. I myself have recorded as much as possible everything that I can record. Based on these statistics, I make a decision on what to improve and where to focus my resources next I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Don’t just look at the euros. If no euros come, the reason is usually somewhere else than where you assume.

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