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Getting customers is an easy task… I bet you disagree with this sentence, because I disagree too! In an increasingly competitive environment , convincing someone to buy your product or service — among the infinite possibilities — can be quite a challenge. First, you have to present your brand, show your qualities and make an interesting offer. But what will make the customer choose you over your competitor? One of the answers is this really cool technique that I came to present to you today.

Mental triggers in Digital Marketing

Mental triggers in Digital Marketing ! Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your strategy What are mental triggers? Basically, mental triggers are a psychological stimulus that facilitates decision making , saving energy for our brain. When activated, they generate a natural human response to a given circumstance — and a simple example of this is when we get new database ready to sleep right after starting to yawn! It was neuromarketing that brought this concept to sales strategies , arousing interest and leading to action.

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Which gives urgency to the need to purchase that product or service before it runs out. It is one of the most used in Digital Marketing , and its presence is usually essential for any successful strategy! Tip: Brand Positioning: Digital Marketing examples Authority mental trigger If 9 out of 10 dentists recommend a certain toothpaste, who am I to disagree?!opinião de especialistas. Facilita se aqueles nove B2C phone List dentistas são conhecidos, premiados e têm boa reputaçã.

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