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On X ( Twitter) , the number of users is estimated to reach 360 million. By 2024 , according to emarketer.  Therefore, From this it follows that the number of daily. Publications is very high, in different formats, including videos. Like other platforms. Twitter does not allow you to download videos. Therefore, Gifs, and images that other users share on its platform. Thus, they try to protect the copyrights of content creators . However, there are different ways to download this content. To share it on your Instagram. Send it via WhatsApp to your family and friends or use it to boost your business .

How to download a Twitter video on iPhone

Today, X (Twitter) is one of the most popular. And used social media platforms around the world. There, many people executive email list share ideas, news, events and videos. To start downloading Twitter videos, enter the mobile. Application or its desktop version, select the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the tweet and paste it into one of the available online. Platforms that offer the video download service, gif and images. In seconds you. Therefore, Will have the content available on your phone or computer. In this post you will learn different methods to download Twitter videos. Whether on your iPhone or Android phone, as well as on your PC. Therefore, Here we will show you how to do it easily.

Use an iOS shortcut to download Twitter videos

Therefore, One of the most popular options among users is to use an iOS. Shortcut to download Twitter videos. In addition, this app allows B2C Phone List you to perform many other  actions on your mobile device. Let’s see how to use it to download Twitter videos: Visit TVDL v3.1 shortcut and click “Get shortcut”. Therefore, If you’re on iOS 14 or earlier, make sure you allow untrusted shortcuts before doing so. Open the Twitter app and tap “Share” > “Share via” > “TVDL v3.1”. If you’re using Twitter on an iPhone browser, tap “Share”  Select the video quality you prefer, and that’s it! The video. Will be downloaded from Twitter and you will have it available in the photos application on your iPhone.

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