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This is another unique take on a newsletter because Fizzle tries to keep the reader in their inbox instead of directing them all over the place.

In other words. Current State of Mpp Fizzle brings their content directly to subscribers so that they don’t have to click on links unless they truly want to dive deeper into the topic.

Why it works

This kind of email is a great way to establish trust with your subscribers because, while it culminates in a call-to-action for a free trial, they aren’t desperate for you to make a sale right then and there.

If you stay on the email page, great! You learn Indonesia Phone Number Data something new from the Fizzle team. If you sign up for a free trial, awesome. This kind of example proves that it’s less about conversion and more about building a relationship.

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There’s enough meaty, relevant content to prove that they aren’t trying to be salesy or spammy. Instead, Fizzle offers a peek behind the curtain, often using a first-person POV to establish intimacy and expertise.

Apartment Therapy

Content will always be king — especially when it comes to email — but the value of great imagery can’t be understated.

In fact, images can be just as important as the copy in your email newsletter. Apartment Therapy does a great job of selecting images for its newsletter. Each image is crisp, clear, and directly related to an article in the newsletter.

Why it works

Apartment Therapy knows why people come to their website: to look at beautiful photos of dreamy apartments. They apply that same knowledge to their email newsletter. It’s a core pillar of their brand to lead with visuals, because a home is a physical and emotional experience before it can become a digital one.

Research shows that than just blocks of text. Current  B2C Phone List State of Mpp Text can be intimidating, and an email newsletter that’s too text-heavy will have users clicking “delete” within seconds of opening.

Relevance is key here. In other words, the images you select should complement the content. (If you’re having trouble finding relevant images, check out

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