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To Lemoines question How do you like to spend your free time LaMDA repli With friends and with my family. Obviously LaMDA has neither friends nor family she therefore limit herself to statistically calculating which answer among the data creat by human beings stor in. Her database had the greatest probability of satisfying. The question pos. A deep learning system cannot generalize and abstract the knowlge it possesses .  the lynx and the tiger have characteristics in common unless he is train to recognize only. The feline category. A robot that uses deep learning to learn how to pick up a bottle is unable to reapply this knowlge to also pick up a cup but has to start.

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Domingos author of The definitive algorithm . New call to action The reason for the current failure of autonomous driving The impossibility of Iran Phone Number List abstracting and generalizing the concepts obtain which indicates the absence of a real understanding is for example the reason why autonomous driving has not been successful until today . In this context the deep learning system that governs the car is train to deal with such a quantity of potential scenarios in addition to recognizing road signs traffic lights etc. that it learns in theory how to correctly deal with a roundabout to merge into a motorway lane to stop at pestrian crossings etc etc.

But there is a problem in the field of driving

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The variables and unknowns increase so much that the artificial intelligence system is no longer able to find correlations that instruct it on the B2C Phone List correct behavior to adopt . However there have been some successes Waymo the Google company valu at 30 billion dollars announc last October that in a portion of. The city of Phoenix it is now possible to freely exploit its fleet of autonomous taxis. Taking a look at. The Arizona capital you understand why it is one of. The few cities where autonomous cars are becoming a reality The wide avenues the streets that always run parallel and perpendicular and the low traffic are all elements that make life much easier of selfdriving cars.

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