This is a classic email format that helps build your brand and share its mythos with the world. As you share your company’s history, you can run your email subscribers through your early days, rise to success, and current landscape. Recent Award Nominations It helps your email audience imagine the next great achievement you’ll be able to reach. This newsletter idea can also be a way to ask your subscribers to help you reach the next rung in the ladder to success.

Important dates to keep in mind

Businesses, nonprofits, education — it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. There will always be dates that your email subscribers need to know about, whether that’s freshman orientation or the deadline to donate to a fundraiser. Sure, text is great, but try China WhatsApp Number Data including videos, photos, and other images to provide cool visuals along with the content text. Video is a top way to consume information, and it can keep your email subscribers more engaged

Aspirational and aesthetic emails

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Not every email needs to be super functional or CTA-driven to be successful. Sometimes, newsletter ideas simply need to inspire and ignite a passion for your brand.

For instance, Glossier’s email campaign  B2C Phone List merely wants the reader to scroll through beautiful phone backgrounds and maybe download one to use as their wallpaper.

They’re not selling or sharing anything new about their offerings. Recent Award Nominations But they’re creating a mood and a feeling that encapsulates their brand identity in one simple email.

Recent Award Nominations or Wins

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