Favorable Articles About Your Company

Your email list wants to celebrate your successes with you, and why not pat yourself on the back every once in a while? If it’s your company’s “birthday” or ten-year anniversary of operating, you can draft up email content that shows off your milestone. Articles About Your Company Sharing your wins can also look like, well, awards you win. Say, for example, your website won a Webby Award, or your production company’s movie got picked for a Vimeo Staff Pick. Share that news with your subscribers!

A list of open positions for hire

If you’re hiring, an unexpected way to get qualified applicants might be from your email newsletter. Email can be a valuable distribution channel for B2B announcements in the same way as posting on job boards or Linkedin.

Take this playful email from Social Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data Print Studio, for example, who mock up a poorly designed email — complete with Comic Sans and clip art! —  to advertise they’re hiring a graphic designer.

This is a great way to show continued value to your board, shareholders, and employees, especially if you. The content can highlight profits, big wins, and more.

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For a public-facing monthly recap, your email might look a little different. You might instead recap your top-selling products or share a list of your top-performing content.

A message from the CEO

There are tons of ways to show BTS content through your email newsletter. Going behind-the-scenes at your company might mean photographs from your company-wide events or happy hours, or video montages from colleagues sharing their favorite part about working together.

Or, you might use the newsletter content to tease a blog post outlining your company values. Either way, subscribers will appreciate a peek behind  B2C Phone List the curtain. A message or letter from your company’s CEO can be a powerful tool in your email newsletter arsenal. Articles About Your Company Take, for instance, the way that American Airlines CEO Doug Parker shares the company’s adjustments and improvements in light of COVID-19.

This message expresses gravitas and empathy, showing how a personalized video from a CEO can be comforting in times of crisis.

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