Must Try Newsletter Ideas for Your Email Content

What could be more effective than a “before and after”? It’s a quintessential marketing technique to show how much better someone’s life is before and after they found your product/offering/solution to their problem. Remember, when it comes to before and after, pictures really do say a thousand words.

For B2B brands, training is not only a huge content opportunity for blogs, white papers, video courses, and ebooks. Must Try Newsletter It’s also a chance to drum up exciting email content with links to online training, insights from experts, and more.

You can encourage

registration for a particular training and direct subscribers to a sign-up page. Or, you can offer an exclusive deal for the training exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

Everyone loves a freebie — even over Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data email! The beauty of a newsletter that shares a free resource is that it only needs one primary call-to-action, like “read our guide” or “download our ebook.”

Free resources share your

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knowledge with your subscribers (who might read and repost your content on social media) and increase your share of voice.

are marketers’ bread and butter. It’s smart to keep your newsletter subscribers in the loop about what’s coming up for your brand or company, especially if it’s an educational opportunity that can get them further down your marketing funnel.

You’ve probably promoted the event in other ways, so this is just an additional chance to build excitement, sell tickets, or increase views.Give old  B2C Phone List webinar content or virtual events new life by repurposing them for an upcoming newsletter blast. Must Try Newsletter You can build buzz for an annual event by lifting the curtain on what you talked about the year before. Show your newsletter subscribers why they don’t want to miss your events.

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