Plan Your First Combined Email and Sms Marketing Campaign Today

our customer support agents work hard, and they deserve a shoutout from time to time! By making your support staff more human and real in the eyes of your subscribers, you can minimize Reviews and social proof are two of the most powerful forms of selling out there. Plan Your First Combined Sharing your customer feedback in an email can make someone decide to buy your product then and there.

Many newsletter subscribers sign up for your emails to learn more about perks, incentives, and loyalty programs. You can send out an automatically triggered email once they sign up detailing your brand’s customer loyalty program.

For example, you might

share all the details of your point system or send readers to an FAQ blog post about your loyalty program.

Saying “thank you” in your newsletter content is one of the easiest types of sends to automate. For customers, you can trigger a thank you Greece WhatsApp Number Data campaign upon purchase. Or, if you have an event every year, you can program a thank you email to send days after the event.

Thank you emails

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are something every brand does, and they help your customers remember you.

Newsletters are also a great way to proactively reduce the volume of help desk calls or emails.

Posting FAQs, challenge resolutions, resources, and training classes helps people find the answers they need without involving your customer service department.

If you’re an ecommerce brand or someone in the business of selling products, you probably get a lot of similar customer service requests. Plan Your First  B2C Phone List Combined Rather than attend to each ticket individually, you can create “Troubleshooting 101” email content that highlights exactly what happened to the customer and how the issue was resolved. Repeat for all your most recurring tickets.

You can share info about things like shipping delays (and why they might happen), nuances about how to use the product in question, and more.

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