On continuous and constant data updating means being able to carefully analyze what is happening on your website. And especially How to focus around the most important dynamics for your project. There are three fundamental points to analyze. Extrapolate. Personalize. Use. Before listing them, however, let’s give a little preamble: why do we do all this? Why do we work around data? Merely recording numbers is useless. Especially in a context in which – as happens with e-commerce – there are avalanches of numbers arriving from different sources. You ne. to bring together the information collect.

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With Search Console , Google Analytics and more in one strategic place. Then we eliminate Latest database  what is not ne.., we present everything in the best possible way evaluating aesthetics, readability, functionality of the numbers. This is the data analytics dashboard. Extrapolate useful data Through a data summary screen you can put into practice an indispensable filtering work for future marketing strategy optimization activities. This process is essential both when you have to deal with big data processes and with information that concerns a m.ium-siz. website.

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The point is that there are many numbers, different sources, countless combinations. You have to extrapolate the ones that are  How to focus convenient for you and clean up the noise. Data analytics dashboards are not only us. to show the numbers but also to process and obtain what is ne.. for optimization. data analytics dashboard One of the fundamental phases for exploiting numbers in your marketing activities is the refinement phase to ensure that all the data is consistent, with a single unit of measurement, and free of B2C Phone List  unnecessary information defects. It is often thought that data analysis stops at collecting information with Google Analytic.

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