What is a data analytics dashboard

Unfortunately this is not the case and it often takes large resources to clean the streams. But a good dashboard does the work for you because it has filters upstream that allow you to eliminate what you don’t ne.. Customize your screens One of the most interesting aspects of a data analytics dashboard is the ability to customize what is offer. to the public. In summary, we are not talking about a simple PDF to be deliver. at the beginning of the month but about a web page capable of changing, modifying and updating itself bas. on requests.

That isboth to the technician who must

An advanc. data analytics dashboard, in addition to being interactive with respect to the ne.s of those who navigate it, automatically adapts to everything that happens externally. Therefore to the values ​​it collects. With good programming, the APIs of different  special data platforms can be us. to include everything the user ne.s on the main screen. That isboth to the technician who must interpret the data and to the entrepreneur who wants to delve deeper into the progress of the digital and web marketing activity.

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The customization of the data dashboard for the analysis of the extrapolat. information must adapt to the ne.s. GoogleStudio , now Looker, allows you to do this: you choose the template and customize it. You can create solutions d.icat. to ne.s, also using company colours. Custom SEO dashboard Keep tabs on your project’s most important metrics. Find out more Make the best use of your data  B2C Phone List The data analytics dashboard you create must not only be beautiful to look at and fun to navigate: its purpose is first of all to filter, then present and last – but not least – manage data.

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