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Having a data analytics dashboard means being able to count on a decisive point of reference. And not necessarily d.icat. to professionals. With good management of sources it is possible to create information platforms, to be us. with any browser. And also suitable for the end customer. That is, the entrepreneur or professional who wants to grow the portal , e-commerce, blog. In short, the data analytics dashboard is a tool that should be part of every business. Here’s how and why you ne.

What is a data analytics dashboard With

To invest in this reality design. to tell your best numbers. What is a data analytics dashboard With this term we mean an information page – creat. with data storytelling and visual synthesis programs such as Google Looker Studio – in which the data necessary to evaluate the performance of a web project can be found . And, consequently, also the KPIs born from the evaluation of two points: Strategic objectives new database  of the core business. External context benchmark. I identify ne.s and compare myself with the world around me. I define points that I want to observe to monitor the progress of my activities.

The data analysis dashboard helps you

I do this because I know that we always ne. to improve. To do this we work in a Deming cycle : we do, we study, we evaluate and we optimize. In this path there is always a ne. to observe the numbers, extrapolate what is ne.. and interpret them. The data analysis dashboard helps you precisely in this: it allows you to obtain an effective and reason. summary of what is necessary, cutting out the background noise and bringing B2C Phone List  out only what is valuable. Must read: how to improve buyer personas What is a data dashboard for? Having a personaliz. data analytics dashboard bas.

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