If we have been in the casting field for a long time, we will definitely notice one thing:

— Fish like to attack the lure from the shade.

Why do fish like to be in the shade?

This is a question that has been on my mind for a long time.

Actually the shadow is a strategic area to make an ambush

Predatory fish know and they are very good at Latest Mailing Database using this shady area as a court to ‘skodeng’ prey.

Whether hiding under boats or docks, attacking prey at dawn when light intensity is low or hiding behind submerged reeds in rivers — predators often use shade to increase their chances of success when foraging.

Why Are Shaded Areas So Strategic For Fish?
fish shade area

To understand the value of shady areas as a fish attractor, try to think about this:

In the deadly game of predator and prey, early sensitivity to detect prey or opponents will have a huge impact.

In fact, a difference of 1-2 seconds will determine the answer between death or survival.

Many predators use the shade to their advantage, as fish in the shade can see fish in sunlight about 2.5 times further.

This is because the sensitivity of fish eyes to light is determined by the brightness

Latest Mailing Database

Sunlight that enters the water will be reflected by floating B2C Phone List particles and organic matter that give the water its color.

This reflection reflects light in all directions, up, down and sideways, where it makes the water shine in the sunlight.

In bright light, the fish’s eyes will adapt to the surrounding brightness by reducing their sensitivity.

shady fish hiding area

On the Other Hand, if the Fish’s Eyes Are Under. However, The Shadow Area. It Will Be Adapted to the Lower Light Level and Will Therefore. Be More Sensitive to Any Movement. From a Distance.

To understand this phenomenon, try to imagine that we are entering a dark tunnel from bright sunlight.

Why do predatory fish like to attack from

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