What the Future of Open Rates Looks Like in

When a user opts-in to Mail Privacy Protection, they’re allowing Apple to pre-fetch (or download), emails and email images to their device. What the Future of This takes place with or without the user deciding to open and read the email message. Email image pixels, which indicate opens and open rates, are included in this pre-loading. This means an email may be marked as open even though the user did not open or read it.

Anyone using the native Apple Mail application to read their email, be it on an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac, is able to turn these features on. And while we don’t know what the final adoption rate will be, we saw a clear and steady increase in open rates in our after MPP was released.

While this may seem

sudden and drastic, the truth is, open rates have never been as reliable as you might think. While open rate was designed to reflect human interaction Oman WhatsApp Number Data with an email, those numbers have already been skewed in the past by anti-spam filters, autoresponders, and an increasing number of mailbox providers who had already disabled open tracking.

So, though this is the biggest and likely final nail in the coffin, the open rate was never the solid, reliable metric that you might have thought.

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Even at its best

open rate as a metric was not a key indicator of success — it was merely a proxy we used along the way. Website visits, purchases, revenue generated; those are the sorts of goals we’re after when crafting an email campaign. And in a post-MPP world, it’s more  B2C Phone List important than ever to keep their entire customer experience in mind, not just open rates. Yes. Open rates offered insight into how engaged your subscribers were. And you might be worried about how to track reader engagement moving forward. Don’t fret, there are plenty of other. More important metrics to track that will give you a better understanding of how. And how frequently subscribers are interacting with your emails.

Use surveys to get a pulse on your subscribers

Including surveys in your emails moving forward is going to be clever for a couple of reasons. First, surveys are a great way to invite clicks in an email that might not garner many otherwise. Giving readers different ways to click on your emails will help. You get a good idea of who’s engaged and who isn’t.

Second, surveys can be a great way to gather first-party data. You can ask your subscribers for their content preferences, or even gather information. What the Future of Asking for data like their location or what industry they work in with help you further. And deliver a more personalized email experience.

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