Sending text-heavy emails lately? Mix things up with infographics, which are more visual and dynamic for your reader. New Vendors for You can even make “Year in Review” infographics that collate user data into meaningful storytelling. Think Spotify Wrapped, but for email marketing.

Look at YouTube’s

infographic style “2021 snapshot” email. It pulls together data and visualizations to show the user’s YouTube channel growth.

Every brand and business uses social France WhatsApp Number Data media these days. It’s practically mandatory in today’s digital-first world. That’s why sharing updates about your social channels with your email list can be helpful for your brand.

You can encourage readers to follow along on other channels, like Instagram or Twitter, especially if you’re more active there than you are on email content.

Guest posting is fun

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It gives you a chance to introduce your writing or business to an entirely new audience (the guest blog) who may not have ever heard about you before.

Another way to get eyes on that content? Talk about your guest post in an email newsletter.

A rising tide lifts all boats, right? So why not apply that sentiment to other businesses, helpful tools, and third-party apps your subscribers would love to download and use?

Rather than plugging your own goods or services, you can round up five or 10 of your favorite online tools, apps, or physical products. New Vendors for  B2C Phone List Round-ups can be a regular rotation in your email marketing strategy. They’re agile and fast to put together, and help your readers stay in the loop on everything you’re publishing in a given month (or year). Plus, it helps recirculate older content and gives it new life

New Vendors for Your Products

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