Frustration, what a limiting emotion, draining energy and… bad, more than bad. Every morning I set about my tasks accompanied by that feeling of. How to optimize being rowing without the direction I had chosen . Every moment of reflection or relaxation, when I played sports or cooked, thousands of ideas flooded into my head. Which by the way! If you want to increase your productivity, below I leave you a free ebook that I have prepared with great enthusiasm. It is a 28-day plan with 4 simple exercises that will help you multiply your personal productivity. 

Seeing how others advance

Carry out their tasks and launches, feeling that I could too but unable to take action. Frustration, that’s what this post is about … Hey you’re there! Hello! How are you? Good? For sure yes! Today I am very happy because I bring you a post that will not leave you indifferent. In this post I am going to executive data show you the template I use to quickly generate the tasks I need to carry out to produce infoproducts . I’m going to share with. Therefore, you the template I use to reuse that planning and be able to do things faster. I’m going to tell you how to successfully plan the creation of infoproducts . What do you think of the idea of ​​ending frustration and turning it into good planning? Come on? Come on! Before I start telling you how to use the super task generation template for.

How to optimize Todoist  with which you can

Therefore, Better plan the creation of your infoproducts, let me point out what the real value of good planning is. Planning is key to finishing what you start . Only by planning well will you B2C phone List be able to efficiently finish what you set out to do. But it is not the only reason why it is good to plan since, on many occasions, with impetus you can finish something that has not been planned . However, planning will help you do it more efficiently and with less stress.

Notice: You will have a realistic view of how long it takes to do something. I don’t know if it has happened to you, but I often have ideas that I want to carry out, that I feel I should carry out . When that idea is in my head, the need to do it becomes frustration, hurry, stress . It’s that feeling of “I should do this” that accompanies you even to the bathroom, be it poop or pee, everything must be said… But you know what? An idea does not always have to be carried out .


How to optimize the production of infoproducts with Todoist

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