How to create a Facebook account and Company Page for

I could give you many reasons why it is important to create a Facebook page (fan page) for a company or business, but I will summarize it in what I consider most important: 1.- Facebook is the second channel with the most web traffic in Spain, just behind Google and above YouTube. 2.- More and more users consult a business’s social networks before making a purchase; in many cases, Facebook is the most searched social network. 3.- Creating a Facebook page will help you bring thousands of visits per month to your company’s website. 4.- You will be able to create a community of thousands of fans. 5.- You need to have a company page on Facebook to be able to advertise. There are those who think that it is not worth creating a Facebook page for a business.


Creation of a community of fans

From my professional experience they are wrong. I have even known many cases of companies that achieved more sales through Facebook than through their own website, and this happens because the majority of users feel more comfortable browsing a social network than through the website of a company. company. on the latest company data trends¬† and strategies that are working best in online marketing, advertising and social networks, with these 4 complete classes from the latest edition of the master’s degree. I want to see the 4 free classes of the master’s degree How to create a Facebook page for a business in 2018 The first thing you need to know is that making a fan page is very simple and is within the reach.

Design a publication calendar and

facebook page types This step usually causes some confusion but it is really very simple, you have to choose the category that best fits and is closest to your business, it is that easy. Of course, keep in mind that depending on the type of page you select, different categories will appear to choose from. 3.- Choosing the name of your Facebook page When selecting the type of Fan Page we must choose both the category and the name. Don’t be in B2C phone List a hurry to choose a quick name for your fan.

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