AI will be able to invent everything autonomously

The bankruptcy of McCarthy and associates which in hindsight was absolutely inevitable did not however stop. The research on the sector which tween ups and downs in which. The latter are known as artificial intelligence winters. Continu without stop also lead to the birth of the. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of MIT in Boston. Martin Minsky and his theory of artificial intelligence The laboratory was found and direct for a long time by one of the participants in the conference.

Marvin Minsky who was still certain in the that he

Could conquer artificial intelligence in a short time In three or at most eight years we will have a machine as intelligent as the average Czech Republic Phone Numr List human Minsky said in 1970. A machine that can read Shakespeare polish a car run a business tell a joke and argue. it will gin to train itself at an incrible spe. Within a few months it will reach the level of genius and at that point in short it will acquire incalculable powers. In a nutshell in the seventies Marvin Minsky support the same positions that in recent years have distuish

Ray Kurzweil chief engineer of Google and above

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All theorist of the technological sularity. The thesis accord to which the conquest of an artificial superintelligence will arrive around 2045 and B2C Phone List it will represent. The latest invention of the human cause at that point. The A similar position was found again in 2012 in a research involv 550 experts and in which it was reveal that 50 of them liev. The advent of an AGI to probable by 2040. AMLquotequotes1All ep learnbas tools just statistically exploit the material us for their train without hav any real unrstand of what they are do.

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