How to arrive at artificial intelligence  image cropp Back to inx Artificial intelligence today what has chang. In short from the 1950s to today the feel is that the big turn point is always around the corner . Yet even today all the artificial intelligences bas on ep learn that we have available are still of the narrow type limit systems  capable of perform one and only one task at a time with some partial exceptions. intelligence the first technological goal to conquer is to able to endow it with generalization  the ability  highly velop in human s  to exploit what has en learn in one field and then reuse it in another.

However there are two other elements

Unrlin when it comes to the qualities lack in machines The ability to abstract The goodness The first means the ability for example to Dominican Republic Phone Numr List  abstract the concept of furniture from the myriad of tables cabinets crates and so on a crucial ability which however the machine lacks completely. Common sense and intuition on the other hand are skills that rive from our ability to abstract and generalize  they are what allows us to face unforeseen situations in the correct way precisely exploit what we learn previously.

All of this therefore indicates the ne for artificial

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Intelligences to make progress that is no longer quantitative but qualitative . Up to now in fact all the progress in the field of ep learn has B2C Phone List en ma above all thanks to the ever increas. Availability of data and computational power. Back to inx What skills do AIs ne to learn However most experts are convinc. That it is not enough to continue on this path to achieve true intelligence. Instead it is necessary to find a way to equip the AIs with the three capabilities just mention.

Consequently in order to achieve general artificial

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