No more unfair store practices Everything you need to know ab the Omnibus Directiveout

We Heard About the Omnibus Directive in May Last Year. However, Poland Did Not Adapt to Eu Law on Time. From the Beginning of 2023, Emphasis Was Placed on the Fairness of Sales, and the Law Also Became Applicable in Our Country. What is Worth Knowing About of the Most Important Aspects Covered by the Omnibus Directive is the Obligation to Provide Accurate Information on Price Reductions. Of Particular Interest to Both Consumers and Entrepreneurs in the Context of the Act is the Need to Provide Data on Prices Applicable in a Given Period Before the Reduction.

No more artificial promotions

The Key Reason for Introducing ws data the Obligation to Inform About Previous Prices Before a Reduction Was the Practice of “Price Juggling” Often Used by Entrepreneurs. Business Owners Had a Habit of Artificially Inflating Them Before Starting the Promotion. Consumers Then Thought They Were Buying the Product at a Bargain Price, When in Fact the Price Was Unchanged and in Some Cases Even Higher.
This Situation Could Be Observed Primarily Before the Start of Large Promotions, Such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​ The Purpose of the Omnibus Directive is to Combat This Type of Unfair Play and to Give Real Value to Discounts, Which Will Ultimately Improve the Situation of Consumers.

What regulations do the new regulations

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Article 1 of Law 1 Adding the B2c Phone List Omnibus Directive to Directive States That Any Price Reduction Announcement Must Include the Previous Price Charged by the Company for a Specified Period Before the Reduction Was Applied. The Previous Price is Considered to Be the Lowest Price Charged by the Brand in a Period That Cannot Be Shorter Than 30 Days Before the Promotion is. Directive May Be Fully Understandable at First Glance, It Still Raises Many Doubts. They Mainly Concern Issues Such as the Understanding of the Term “Announcement of Reduction” or the Interpretation of the Phrase.

Creating Texts With the Help of Ai What Does It Involve

Most tools of this type usually run on one of the four available GPT-3 models from OpenAI. The newest of them “learned” until June 2021, and the rest until October 2019. This is important for a simple reason: artificial intelligence does not know the news that appeared after these dates. It is worth remembering that AI will try, but it will not write the correct text about the latest news.

Each machine learning generator can be distinguished by its particular options.

There are editors in which you only need to provide keywords and/or titles, based on which the AI ​​provides the text.
In other applications, you can add your own content, which the AI ​​will complete, or give it commands.

Descriptions of Products Categories and Services

The generated texts may vary in length – depending on the Whatsapp Number List  application and the limits set in it. The generator usually uses information in English and provides texts in Polish only after they have been translated.

The Content Assistant shown above in the examples works on the GPT-3 model, which stopped “learning” in 2021, and additionally generates content in Polish. This allows you to skip the translation step. Sometimes AI is too literal. Example? In an article about children’s toys, the artificial intelligence chose “stuffed animal” instead of the word.

The machine learning program has a predetermined maximum number of characters to generate at one time.

Newsletters and Promotional Emails

Using artificial intelligence, you need to check the fragment B2c Phone List and eliminate errors and patterns that AI may repeat in the rest of the content. This may be certain information or, for example, words written from the so-called typo.

Moreover, the tool can both respond to your commands and finish the text you have started. So you can write, for example, Suggest headlines for the article to get suggestions from the AI, as well as start any sentence: To replace the water filter, you need to and generate the rest of the paragraph.

It is worth emphasizing here that AI should support work on content. The main task of a human is to check the text. Errors may occur due to the way artificial intelligence works or may result from user inattention when.

How to Collect Opinions Well in E Commerce

However, from the perspective of searching for such a product, the situation will be completely different, because the consumer will look for a product taking into account his specific requirements.

For example: an iron with a long cable because the socket is quite far away, with a strong steam output because the current one is too weak, with an automatic switch because you want to ensure safety, a narrow foot to easily iron a shirt, or one that does not burn clothes.

Product Photos and Videos Sent by Customers Also

So how can you help customers leave long, detailed reviews Whatsapp Number List that will make it easier for future buyers to make decisions? Trust Mate comes with an interesting solution – they have developed a globally unique system of dedicated, clickable suggestions for leaving opinions.

Thanks to this, the evaluator can easily pay attention to the most important features of the product in the review and create a ready-made statement from a pool of previously prepared phrases, which – very importantly – contain keywords.

Thanks to this, the ready opinions are long and detailed (on average about 200 characters with spaces, i.e. up to 10 times longer than standard ones), and in addition they have a positive impact on the positioning of the entire website!

Opinions Are Presented Directly on the Website

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Under the influence of emotions, customers describe in detail and at length the B2c Phone List reasons for their dissatisfaction. However, in the case of positive reviews, the situation is completely different and consumers are more economical with their words.

Therefore, it is not worth giving up any of these strategies, because thanks to their different implications it is possible to constantly develop your online business, expand your audience and increase sales, which is undoubtedly what every entrepreneur wants.

The giant also looks impressive in the international arena: every day the search engine records over 3.5 billion queries.
Measurability of effects – current insight into the effects of the campaign.

Positioning of IT companies

Promoting the It Industry on the Internet is a Very Responsible Task. The Brand’s Image on the Internet and the Level of Trust in the Services It Provides Depend on the Choice of Promotional Techniques. It is Therefore Not Surprising That More and More It Companies Focus on the Positioning of Their Websites. This Process Has a Very Positive Effect on the Brand’s Popularity and Increases Its Credibility. What is Worth Knowing About It? Search Results. It Includes the Use of Various Marketing Tools and Optimization Techniques Thanks to Which the Website Gains Trust Among Target Audiences and Its Content Reaches Many Potential Customers.

What is IT industry website positioning

On-page  is a Set of Activities whatsapp data Related to Content Creation and Content Optimization for Keywords Popular Among Target Audiences.
Off-page ,in Turn, Involves Promoting the Brand Outside the Website Area Using Techniques Such as Link Building or Social Media Marketing.

Technical Optimization Includes Activities Aimed at Increasing the Usability of the Website So That Both Users and Search Engine Bots Do Not Have Problems With Exploring Its Content.
By Using  Techniques From All These Areas, the Positioning of It Industry Websites Will Certainly Bring the Expected Results, and the Brand Will Gain Many New Customers.

Positioning websites in the IT industry

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Positioning Websites in the It Industry B2c Phone List is a Somewhat Complicated Process. It is Therefore Important to Comprehensively Prepare for Its Implementation. A Great Way to Avoid Any Mistakes in This Area is to Conduct Detailed Research on Your Target Market.
First, You Should Look at the Needs of Potential Customers. It is Also Worth Paying Attention to Such Aspects as: Preferences, Interests, Age, Gender, Profession, Problems and Place of Residence of Individual Target Groups. This Will Make It Much Easier to Tailor Your Advertising Message to Them and Encourage Them to Make a Purchase.
As Part of Preparation for the Website Positioning Process, It is Also Worth Conducting a Comprehensive Competition Analysis.

What is faceted navigation and what does it mean for UX

It is Difficult to Navigate a Website Composed of Many Subpages and In Order for E-commerce Sales to Constantly Increase, You Need to Pay Attention to a Number of Aspects. One of Them is the Website Navigation System. Users Pay Special Attention to How They Navigate the Website, Appreciating Easy Access to Its Individual Resources.
Faceted Navigation Turns Out to Be an Excellent Solution , as It Significantly Improves the Comfort of Using the Website. It is a Search System Based on Facets, I.e. Features of the Products Offered on a Given Website.

Faceted navigation in the context of UX

Faceted Navigation is a Solution whatsapp number list Used in Most Online Stores. Website Owners Rely on This System Because It Significantly Improves the Functioning of the Website, Thus Guaranteeing Full Access to Its Resources.
Faceted Navigation Also Plays a Very Important Role in  Optimization. It Has a Very Positive Impact on the Recipients’ Experience and Effectively Encourages Them to Convert. It Must Be Remembered That What Matters Most to Modern Consumers is the Convenience and Speed of Making Purchases. Thanks to Faceted Navigation.

Why choose faceted navigation

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First of All , Faceted Navigation B2c Phone List Guarantees Easier Navigation Through the Online Store. This is Especially Important for Consumers Who Are Sure About a Given Purchase and Their Visits to the Website Have a Precisely Defined Purpose. Thanks to Faceted Navigation, You Can Save a Lot of Time Searching for Specific Offers and Identify the Assortment That Interests You  Proposed Solution Therefore Helps to Increase Sales.

However, It is Important to Remember That Developing Useful Faceted Navigation is Quite a Difficult Task. In Case of Any Problems, It is Worth Consulting a Professional Interactive Agency, Thanks to Which the Optimization of the Online Store Will Not Only Be Easier, but Will Also Bring Results That Would Be Difficult to Achieve on Your Own. Conducting a Ux Audit Will Help Identify Areas for Improvement.

What can we expect in the SEO industry in 2023

Google’s Eat is a Parameter Used by the Search Engine to Determine Whether Ranking Systems Provide Users With Useful Information and High-quality Content. Its Name is an Acronym of Three Words is What Google Requires From Content Creators – the Content Must Be Expert, Credible and Written by an Authority in the Industry.
Creating Content in Accordance With the Guidelines of the Eat Parameter Gained Particular Importance in 2018. The Google Search Engine Then Introduced an Update That Caused Many Websites to Lose Their Position. This Change is Commonly Called Medic Update, Because Medical Websites Suffered the Most.

Voice Search

Last Year, Almost 30% of Internet whatsapp database Users Used Voice Search on Mobile Devices (Startup Bonsai). Observing the Statistics From the Previous Few Years, It Can Be Concluded That This Way of Using the Search Engine is Becoming More and More Popular.
Therefore, You Cannot Ignore Voice Search Optimization in Your Strategy in 2023. The Basis Are Key Phrases, Which Should Be Different From Those for Text Search. In the Case of Voice Search, Natural Expressions and Colloquial Speech Are Most Important. Instead of Saying Yeast Dough Recipe , the User Will Ask How to Make Yeast Dough? .
Saturating Your Website With Natural Phrases and Questions is Not the End – You Also Need to Answer Them. Worth It:

Image optimization

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Voice Search is Not the Only Method B2c Phone List of Using a Search Engine That is Becoming Increasingly Popular. In 2023, Image Search, I.e. Visual Search, Will Also Be of Great Importance. As We Can Read on the Official Google Blog – in 2022, Google Lens Was Used Over 8 Million Times Each Month.
It is Most Popular Among Younger Generations, and is Particularly Important for the E-commerce Industry.
So How Can We Avoid Falling Behind in the Fight for Users in 2023? Image Optimization is of Key Importance, Especially the Implementation of the Alt Attribute.

Survey Email Subject Line Examples Worth Copying

To say there is competition for your email audience’s attention would be an understatement. There are, and . So it’s really no surprise tha cite maintaining an engaged subscriber list as their number one challenge with their email marketing strategy. Email Subject Line Examples So how do you break through the noise and take a slice of the  made from email marketing? Use it when it counts, so your subscribers come to know the value of email from your organization.

Ask for permission

The basis of any good marketing is an engaged audience, which starts with users choosing to receive your messaging. It’s also important to provide subscriber to comply with .

AutoTrader not only has its WhatsApp Number List subscribers opt-in to its email list but also allows them to tailor what they receive to their interests.

 Maintain a regular cadence

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An essential piece of building an engaged email list is to consistently deliver great content that subscribers come to expect and look for in their email inbox. And in addition to building an engaged subscriber list, a regular cadence also improves.

We’ve done the research on it and found that the is typically one email every two weeks. The key here is finding a balance between delivering consistently and not flooding your subscribers’ inboxes, so your emails get marked as spam.

This email newsletter from Pitch is a great example of how organizations can use email to keep their audiences informed.

Promote long-form content

If you’re sharing detailed or extensive content, email is one of the best mediums to promote it.

This doesn’t mean you copy and paste an entire ebook into an email and hit send, though. Rather, introducing long-form content and  B2C Phone List linking out to a web page in an email is a better method. Email Subject Line Examples In this way, you’re able to keep the content digestible and intriguing if they don’t have the time at present to read it.

Email also provides a format in which you can promote relevant content to your subscribers that they can come back to and reference easily.

What problems does your product

Research shows that as many as 80% of purchases made B2C or B2B include some influence in. The form of a direct recommendation. What if using the help of Instagram influencers are posts on their wall, store or link in their account description. Now 7 steps how you. Can start one of the most profitable marketing activities on Instagram. Contents Determine your target audience. You have to know your target group much better than the one from whom you buy advertising (you don’t always have to buy, trades for goods also work). Deal with it. Think about who your product is definitely not suitable for. Who it partially suits and who is the perfect customer. Make profiles of them.

Pain points and what frustrates

Find out what they do, how they behave onlinesolve for the perfect customer? Here we recommend a simple exercise calle the “empathy map” exercise. This can be done in two ways, firstly bring your customers to you or put yourself in their shoes and whatsapp mobile number list then ask the following questions: How your customer perceives the surroundings and what he sees there What does He hear from his love ones, friends or everyone he interacts with?  to him, what he might think and how he feels? What are his most important emotions.

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What are his attitudes

How does he talk, what does he say and do?? him the most, the biggest obstacles. What benefit does He get from your product or service, what does he achieve B2C Phone List with it. It seems a complicate and very “strange” thing, but it should be done anyway. Just asking yourself these questions and going through them gives you important information and new, creative starting points on how to approach your client.

Does that mean we don’t have to spend

you think that you will best reflect the spirit of your brand yourself, thanks to accurate comparisons you will pay attention to the unique features of the product, subtly refer to memories and associations, and then your customer will click the “Buy” button? If you can also analyze and choose the best keywords for your products and categories, nothing stands in the way of you creating content for your website yourself. Or maybe the decision to implement descriptions on your own results from the fact that you have the greatest knowledge about your offer? I’m not arguing that it is! That is why a detailed brief is so important in cooperation with an SEO copywriting agency.

Marketing Plan For The Next Year Where To Start

If you prepare a team of copywriters with a set of information about your brand, tone of communication, products, recipients, market, benefits and tell them what they should pay attention to, the chances that they will prepare descriptions that will sell will dramatically increase. You can also prepare an example description whatsapp mobile number list that will become a reference point. Also, remember that the secret to working well with an agency is honest communication. Do not hesitate to provide your constructive criticism and suggestions, if only you see in the prepared content areas for improvement.

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Marketing Activities Effectiveness Study

Thanks to such joint work, the final effect can be really good. Related articles Meta description – what is it and how to write effective meta descriptions? Iwona Bortniczuk June , You will read in ~ min. Meta description – what is it and how to write effective meta descriptions In theory, Google does not recognize meta description as a ranking factor, so the description of the page does not affect its position in the search engine. time with them? That would be a big B2C Phone List mistake! Check why you should not forget about meta description and how to write them so that they work.

Is Social Media Marketing Worth It In B2b

Use keywords in your content to increase your site’s visibility in search results. Use internal and external links to increase your site’s visibility in search results. EUse SEO tools like Google Analytics to monitor SEO results. WUse website optimization tools like Google PageSpe ​​Insights to improve your. Website’s performance. VUse content optimization tools like Yoast SEO to increase your site’s visibility in search results. HUse keyword optimization tools like Google Keyword anner to find relevant keywords. Use performance tracking tools like Google Search Console to monitor your SEO results.

The new role of the salesman from salesman

Use link building tools like Ahrefs to increase your site’s visibility in search results. Use local optimization tools like Moz Local to. Increase whatsapp mobile number list your site’s visibility in local search results. CUse social mia optimization tools like Hootsuite to increase your site’s visibility on social mia. FUNKYMIA POSITIONING OF ADS ON OLX Funkymia is one of the most innovative companies in the OLX classifis positioning industry. The company offers a wide range of services, including ad optimization, performance monitoring and SEO consulting. Funkymia uses advanc positioning techniques to help its clients achieve maximum ROI.

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Is Social Media Marketing Worth It In B2b

The company also uses modern performance monitoring tools to ensure the best results for clients. Funkymia also offers a range of consulting B2C Phone List services, including advice on optimizing ads, creating positioning strategies and choosing the best keywords. The company also offers training and technical support to its customers. HOW TO USE POSITIONING OF ADS ON OLX TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC? Positioning ads on OLX can be an effective way to increase website traffic. Positioning consists in optimizing the advertisement to increase its visibility in search results. To achieve this, you should use the right keywords that will correspond to the topic of the advertisement.