Making Youtube videos – These tips will get you

In our previous article on YouTube, Don’t be afraid of YouTube, we gave the steps to start video marketing. 

Even when it comes to making videos, well-planned is half done. It is worth spending time on the background work so that the end result stands out.

The first steps

To get started, it’s good to think about who the video is aimed at, who is being targeted, what topic is being Bahrain Phone Numbers List  talked about and why. If the target group is too broad, it is easy to end up talking about topics that are ultimately of no interest to anyone. By narrowing, the focus becomes more precise and you can find perspectives that are in genuine demand.

You can easily get inside the head of the target audience by googling: you can simply search for the most popular questions in the subject area that people are looking for solutions to.

So what should you talk about in the video? There are no specific guidelines for this, because you can talk about almost anything. Of course, as a result of the background work done at Google, you will surely find a common problem for which you want to share a solution.

If you haven’t filmed a video before, you may feel nervous in front of the camera and your own voice may sound strange. However, practice makes perfect in this matter too!

Instructional videos bring viewers

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There is a wide selection of videos on YouTube on any topic. There are already a huge number of Finnish B2C Phone List  YouTube channel. Many of which have gained popularity outside Finland as well.

How is a marketing plan prepared

There is no one right way to make a plan that suits everyone. Others like a calendar plan, while others prefer a text plan. Companies are individual, so the marketing plan should also be prepared in such a way that it is the best and easiest for you to use.

A business name entrepreneur’s marketing plan should be light, but full of substance. It is good to keep in mind that the purpose of the plan is not to convince the management team, but to focus on really significant issues. Also, the more precise the plan is, the easier it is to implement, monitor and measure in practice.

If the marketing plan answers the questions below, we are already on the right track.

You can start making a plan by thinking about, for example, the following things:

  • Target group : Who are your customers?
  • Competitor analysis and competitive advantages : Who are your biggest competitors? Why is your service better than your competitors?
  • Pricing : How to define the price of your own products/services?
  • Customer retention : How to keep customers coming back?
  • Resources : What is your marketing budget? How much resources are used for marketing measures in terms of time and money?
  • Marketing channels : In which channels is your product or service marketed?
  • Actions : What actions will be taken to achieve the goals?
  • Measuring results : How are results monitored and reported?

With the help of these questions, you can already get off to a good start in making a marketing plan. Also Bahrain Phone Numbers List  remember that the goals should be such that marketing brings more than it takes away. And above all, don’t forget to update your marketing plan. Remember to keep coming back to it again and again.

Build a marketing plan on a solid foundation

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It is good to start by defining the target group. Based on that, you can plan the style of your communication and marketing, as well as where you take care of them! It is clear that services are sold to seniors differently than to millennials, and there are some differences between professional groups as well.

If you have already sold your services before, think about who specifically bought them.

Have the previous customers been B2C Phone List   from your best target group, or have you gotten certain types of customers just by chance? It could be that your most promising target group has been completely forgotten by you, and you haven’t spoken to them at all. Map which group of people needs your services and is interested in paying the most for them!