We give you an overview of the basics of marketing

Monitoring the results is as important as the marketing itself. Despite this, the effects of marketing on the development of sales are often left unexamined; after one marketing campaign, you often move on to planning the next one, and it’s easy to forget to check the results.

However, follow-up is important; without measuring the results, it is not possible to know whether the marketing has helped. It also remains unclear which things have worked and which have not. In this case, marketing cannot be developed, but it is easy to repeat the same mistakes.

Without measuring marketing, there is no learning!

Information can be collected in many ways. For example, you can study how many visitors come to your site, how they got there and how they behave on them; what they click and read, for example. You can also take advantage of conversion optimization!

Trends for the current decade

Below are a few things to include in your marketing plan for next year!

Targeting and personalization. Customers are naturally most attracted to advertisements that meet their needs and interests. Badly personalized ads, on the other hand, make many people nervous. So be careful here!

Mobile friendliness . More and more services have moved to mobile, and as a result, people spend even more of their time browsing and shopping there. Build your own pages so that they are pleasant to scroll through!

Video content. The public likes videos – in addition to carefully planned ones, but also live broadcasts. So use them to your advantage!

Storytelling. People love stories, and in companies, customers are interested in its background, the activities of the staff and the everyday events of the office. Take advantage of this when producing content; highlight your company’s story and show yours and your team’s everyday life on social media

Testimonials. This is also related to storytelling; showcase your customers and potential employees and let Bahamas Phone Number List their voices be heard. The public is often more easily convinced by the stories of customers and subordinates than by what the management or the private entrepreneur himself tells.

Authenticity. In influencer marketing, this is everything; it increases the transparency of your operations and people’s trust in your operations!

Sound like a chore?

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Marketing may seem difficult at first, but in the end it is very simple.

Take the marketing plan as B2C Phone List a tool that makes everyday life easier, i.e. make it as easy to use and tangible as possible. A good marketing plan is measurable, adaptable and clearly defined.

Also join our online marketing course if you want to learn how to market like a pro!  as well as plenty of concrete tips for practical implementation.

Also read an earlier article about new company marketing , where we go into more detail about digital marketing measures.

Marketing plan for an independent entrepreneur

Marketing plan for an Are you currently working on your first  – or would you like to supplement or up date  for an  an already existing plan? In this article, we will talk about both the basics and a couple of trends of the coming decade, which independent entrepreneurs should take into account in their marketing!

During the 2010s, the marketing field experienced quite  for an independent entrepreneur  a few changes, and it will be interesting to see what will happen in the 2020s! The principles of marketing will hardly change – but the means will!

Marketing supports sales and profitability, and its high-quality planning is


Marketing plan for an important; it helps to keep up with what is being done and why. Planning is essential for both large companies and individual self-employed people.

A small business  for an owner or business name entrepreneur does not have a huge machine to Marketing plan for an support him, like large organizations, and often not even a team with whom he  could have brainstorming sessions or to whom he could delegate tasks. Without marketing planning, it is easy for him to go astray.

Entrepreneurs starting out should start by making a  plan right away. Otherwise, it can easily happen Bahamas Phone Number List  that marketing remains fragmented and   the company does not achieve the desired goals. So where should you start marketing planning and what all should be taken into account? Get tips for making a marketing plan here and take your marketing to a whole new level!

The marketing plan serves as a manual for marketing

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A marketing plan is a concrete B2C Phone List   plan for doing . Which tells how the marketing strategy .Will be put into practice in accordance. With the goals.

plan doesn’t have to   be complicated or long. But the most important thing is   simplicity and  Marketing plan for an clear goals. Next, we   for an independent entrepreneur will go through. How a  should be drawn up in practice.

However, there is no v need to create a huge and complicated diagram! A marketing plan can be very light, as long as it focuses on the essentials.