Columbia University holds an annual fundraiser every year coined the to bring together. Columbians everywhere to make a big impact on the students, faculty, and researchers who will change the world. Media for Higher Education

Using various social media platforms, they mobilized their fundraising efforts with the help of some social media ambassadors. And engage alumni, and broadcast live video streams to a wide audience on their social media channels.

In 2022, the fundraiser raked in nearly $30 million from over 19,229 donors all over the U.S., plus more than 50 other countries, and created a video shared on YouTube to express its thanks

Boost Brand Awareness using Social Media

By sharing content that’s both relevant and interesting, UBC drives engagement on Twitter and boosts brand awareness.

Tip: Make sure to mix up the content you share on social media. Don’t make it all about your institution. Include posts that talk new database about interesting subjects that are relevant to your university or college. For example, if you have an engineering department, share news about the latest innovations such as solar-powered cars from a third-party to show you have your finger on the pulse. 

Drive Enrollment Numbers by Using Social Media

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As the digital landscape makes online learning more appealing to many college-age students. There is increasing pressure for higher ed institutions to up the ante with student recruitment.

University College London leverages social media as part of its outreach strategy to promote its curriculum. School faculty, career opportunities, and campus culture.

The tweets below are a sample of the type of content they post from promoting a Housing Week event to help find flatmates for the upcoming B2C phone List year to launching a career in data science or artificial intelligence. It’s this regularity and quality of content that showcases the university as a place to find support and build toward a successful career.  Media for Higher Education

The What, Why & How of Social Media for Higher Education

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