Some effective forms of content marketing include

In sites optimiz for voice search voicesearch friendly will record a consirable volume of incoming organic traffic mainly coming from customers and prospects . How do you target prospects in the middle of the funnel The interest and sire stages require a lot of high quality content marketing which should your focus when trying to woo new potential customers. As people explore your website or social mia pages they want to see quality content that will push them from interest to sire and then ultimately from sire to action.  Middle and bottomoffunnel blog content which focuses on ucation and how your business solves the rears pain points Podcasts which mention your business strengths.

eBooks which elicit contact information

from downloads Vios which show your business personality as well as ucate The sales pipeline template on will allow you to keep track of every Nigeria Phone Number List potential customer in the interest and sire stages. A screenshot of a sales pipeline template on Youll able to review previous tasks associat with every prospective customer and plan out your next conversation fore you ever pick up the phone. How do you target prospects at the bottom of the funnel Finally you have the Action stage. You could offer limit time promotions to create additional value and a sense or urgency around this phase.

Or may offer limit free trials to show off

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the awesomeness of your product or service. Some good strategies for the bottom of the marketing funnel inclu Automat email marketing B2C Phone List campaigns sign to turn topoffunnel leads into marketingqualifi leads ready for a call Lead scoring to intify which leads are most likely to buy and valuable as well as when to reach out to a highintent prospect Case study livery to showcase realworld growth of your customers or success youve attain for clients Highlyoptimiz landing pages with vio testimonials elicit from previous customers sign to push existing leads toward a sales call or mo.

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