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Deepfakes on the one hand I find a lot of enthusiasm at VidCon, but panic was also mentioned around the deep Indonesia Phone Number List fake technology. It realistically manipulates facial expressions, voices, and body movements. You probably know the deepfake videos where President Obama and President Trump can see and but they are not really film that way.

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For example  watch this video where Bill Hader suddenly gets the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The biggest question is what deepfake technology will bring in the future and how viewers will interact with it. Important themes emerged at VidCon: will viewers ask the right questions after watching a video (“is this real But also whether social media platforms and companies like.

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Google can develop good tools to detect deepfakes. 2. Authenticity, authenticity This brings me to the second trend I saw on several talks at VidCon: authenticity in the video. It is becoming increasingly important to be human in a world that seems anything but. In videos, we can show what a computer or an algorithm cannot: empathy, humor, stories, and connection. For businesses, this means it’s important to.

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