You Must Carry Out An Analysis

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You Must Carry Out An Analysis



Of your actions to know if they are being successful or not. If you don’t measure the impact of your campaigns, you can’t know if they are working, and you can do this through the use of KPIs. Today we bring you what a KPI is and which ones are the best for your social networks. Keep reading to know more! What are KPIs? KPIs , Key performance Indicators or Key Performance Indicators, are metrics used in digital marketing to measure the performance of campaigns.

They are used to evaluate if the actions you are carrying out are being carried out successfully and if you are meeting the objectives that you have previously set. They serve to observe and verify that you Pakistan whatsapp number list on the right track or if, on the contrary, you need to make changes. KPIs are measurable numbers, in real time, that provide you with a lot of information to be able to make the best strategic decisions that allow you to improve and grow. But one thing you have to be clear about,

Kpis Are Metrics, But All Metrics Are Kpis

KPIs are the most important metrics, that’s why they are key indicators with which you can measure the performance of your business. How to define KPIs in social networks? Now you know what KPIs are, but how do we choose the best metrics for our social media plan? The key is to select the ones that best suit your goals. For this reason, the first thing you should do is define them in order to carry out the campaigns designed around them.

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Remember that you should have SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary). Then the ideal is to select on which platforms you have to be present. You don’t have to be on all social networks, but where your audience is and best suits your company. It wouldn’t make sense to be present on Facebook if your audience is on Instagram and Tiktok, for example. Once you are clear on which platforms you are going to have a profile on, it is time to choose and set what the KPIs will be.

There Are Many Different Metrics

and each one will serve for an action, some will measure the reach, others in number of followers or traffic to your website. kpi-4266500_1920-1 The best social media KPIs Here is a list of the most KPIs to measure. The actions of your social networks: engagement KPIs Engagement is. To indicate commitment and loyalty between the brand and the followers. The higher the engagement, the more engaged your audience is and therefore, the more likely that follower will become a customer.

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