You Just Have to Have the Time to Take Care of It and Not

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You Just Have to Have the Time to Take Care of It and Not

In a hurry because it is rare to see your site get out of a manual penalty on the first request for reconsideration at Google. Here are the 7 steps you should follow if you have just discovered that your site is manually penalized for artificial or fake inbound links : STEP 1 : Carefully read the email received by Google which tells you if your site is penalized as a whole or if only one type of page is impacted. Also check out the examples of dummy links offered by Google, this will allow you to gauge what Google considers dummy VS what you may think.

STEP 2 : export all of your inbound links (backlinks) referenced in the “Search traffic” section => “Links to your site”. If you have an Ahrefs, MajesticSEO or any other backlink analyzer account, also perform a complete export of incoming links to your site from Colombia WhatsApp Number List platform to cross-reference the data. I personally advise you to export all incoming links with optimized anchors, because these are generally the ones on which you will have to act in priority (Search Console unfortunately does not allow you to do this for the moment). STEP 3 : once the export has been completed, you will now have to sort out the good from the bad.

This Is the Most Important Step in the

Process that will help your site get out of manual penalty . Depending on the number of incoming links, it may take you from a few hours to several days… I personally advise you to sort your incoming links into 4 categories: “non-toxic”, “semi-toxic”, “toxic” and “to dig”. To determine whether a link is toxic or non-toxic, it will be necessary to look at the type of site from which it comes, the type of link (spamco, forum, article, CP, etc.), the over-optimization of the anchor, the fact that it is nofollow or dofollow, the fact that it is on an authority site or a site spammed from everywhere, the fact that it is sitewide or not… Proceeding in this way will then allow you quickly, with an excel filter, to carry out your disavow file if necessary.

STEP 4 : once the poor quality links have been identified, it’s time to clean up. Try reaching out to webmasters as much as you can first to ask for the edit/removal. Google prefers this and likes to see you’ve gone to a bit of trouble to clean up your inbound link profile). No need to threaten webmasters when you contact them you risk having more than negative feedback or no feedback at all. The best is to contact them cordially via their contact form. Or via Twitter if you can identify them. This step can take several days  weeks also the time to get feedback.

In The Case of Over-Optimized Links in

Articles or quality content, do not hesitate to ask for the simple modification. Of the anchor or its passage in nofollow to keep the interest of traffic or notoriety if there is any. STEP once you have done your best to delete modify the links on which you have your hand .Or the links on sites with a contact form, you can then create your disavowal file with the remaining links previously considered “toxic in your analysis. Do not go too hard on the first disavowal because you could end up disavowing everything if ever. Google does not accept your request for reconsideration on the first try (which is frequent). Once your disavow file is ready, you will need to add it to the Google disavow tool .

STEP 6 : request the re-examination of your site to Google by associating an exhaustive. Commentary showing your involvement and the actions put in place to clean up the profile. It is important to insist on the links modified manually and those modified contacting the webmasters . Google doesn’t like it when webmasters only disavow links. STEP 7 : Once the reconsideration request sent. All you have to do is wait and hope that it goes through on the first try. You will generally get an answer within 7 to 15 days, but it varies greatly . Otherwise repeat the operation with the “semi-toxic” links identified.

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