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World Of Digital Marketing


surely you have seen and heard this term a lot. And it is not for less, the SEM is a tool that will help you achieve visibility in search engines, which translates into more traffic to your website. But what is SEM? In Spanish, its acronym translates to search engine marketing, and it is the set of strategies and tools used to improve web positioning through paid advertisements. It refers to all the techniques that help you optimize the visibility of your site through search engines. How does EMS work?

An SEM campaign consists of creating a paid ad for specific keywords or keywords. Which means that every time a user does an internet search with certain words, your ad will appear first in the SERP Vietnam whatsapp number list those of the competition. When the user does the search, the sponsored results are differentiated since they appear first and are tagged at the beginning with the word “ad”. We usually speak directly of Google as a search engine, because in Spain it is the most popular and used, for this reason,

Many Of The Tools That Are Use

are directly for this search engine. That is why the most relevant platform to carry out ad campaigns is Google Ads . The model by which search engine marketing works is the auction model. SEM uses a keyword bidding system. As an advertiser, you indicate the maximum cost per click (CPC) that you want to pay the search engine for each click that users make on your ad. That is, it is only  if the user clicks on your ad.

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Advantages of SEM positioning After explaining what this search engine optimization strategy is and how it works, we leave you the advantages of applying it to your website: By working for CPC campaigns, you only pay if the user clicks on the ad and goes to your page. The budget is by you. In Google Ads you invest what you decide, and you can even increase the budget if you wish. It allows you to publicize your website, or a specific product, quickly and on a large scale.

It Generates Short-term Results

Since the website is in the first results since the campaign. You can segment the ads depending on your objective, for example by geographical area, to reach a specific audience and obtain greater effectiveness. The return on investment (ROI) is fast, as long as the campaigns are. Since it directly impacts the audience interested in your brand. However, keep in mind that everything has its disadvantages, and the biggest of these types of campaigns is that the keyword bid is usually expensive,

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