Working with Influencers Should Be Tailor-Made

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Working with Influencers Should Be Tailor-Made

Tribune by Christophe Cotin Valois , CEO and co-founder of Welcome Max. After starting out at IBM E-Business Services where he worked in particular on the first French portals, Christophe created the UX department of Digitas LBI in 2025 and implemented the agency’s methodology, which subsequently appointed him Creative Director specialized in platform projects. Since 2011, Christophe has been at the head of the Welcome Max agency, a new concept of consulting agency dedicated to experience design.

As early as the 1980s, new working methods initiated a movement in the way organizations address innovation to achieve new paradigms, Design Thinking. For 30 years, the “design spirit” and its tools supposed to revolutionize processes and Venezuela WhatsApp Number List the creative potential of employees. And since the 2010s, design culture (and its spirit probably) has been spreading in France, as has agility. Ultimately, practices are changing, organizations are opening up to experimentation, trying start-up formats and other hackathons. However, the results are not always there and do not allow you to take the step of Customer-Centered Product Management. Then sets in a weariness of “post-it workshops”, endless brainstorming, unproductive design sprints.

The 4 Main Reasons for the Failure

Believing a process that just to be followed in spreading a state of. Many organizations boil down UX and design thinking to a process. However, the process of exploring and generating ideas is not set in stone. It depends on the context, requires groping, trusting intuition, accepting chaos to find revelations, agreeing to develop a concept or a prototype following tests and sometimes ‘to abandon. This program allowed collaborators to open up to the need for empathy in projects and to understand.


Too often design methodologies are initiated consultants and involve few designers. The experience through the practice of Design Thinking transforms the being and its system of thought. But that doesn’t make them designers, we’ll talk more about facilitators who know how to orchestrate ideas. The designer, on the other hand, thinks in three dimensions the usefulness. The viability of the concept, and finally its feasibility. He is in the action. He knows how to prototype, test and discuss with the professions involved by placing the user’s benefit at the heart of the issues.

Design Thinking Methodologies

Workshop to productive of a multidisciplinary group in order to broaden the field of analysis. To open up new perspectives by combining and mixing ways of thinking related to different training and business practices. Undertaking a design process without a designer or facilitator. Even with all the goodwill in the world, will be less fruitful unless you have had the fiber of being. A designer since childhood. And, in this (rare) case it will only be through intensive and repeated practice that one will become a designer. It will take more than a project and 3 workshops to achieve this. The starting point is the human then, follow successive phases of iterations based on rapid prototyping and tests.

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