Within This Classification We Find

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Within This Classification We Find


the following 4: 1. Navigational. When the user searches for the specific site or page to access the official site. Instead of writing the full URL, you put the name of the brand. 2. Informative. The user is looking for information on a topic, that is, they are looking for an answer to a question or information in general. 3. Commercial or transactional. When the user’s search intention is to buy or acquire a product or service. Depending on the length . Depending on the number of words that the keyword is made up of, they are organized into: 1. Short tail.

Made up of a single word, generally with a large search volume and usually very generic terms, such as “marketing” or “sneaker” 2. Medium tail. Composed of 2-3 words, they are more specific Colombia whatsapp number list and are the most common in the SEO strategy. For example, ” Inbound marketing ” or “sneakers” 3. Long tail. These keywords are very specific, are usually composed of more than 3 words, and have a lower search volume. Well planned, they work well for SEO, an example would be: “how to apply inbound marketing in my company” or “women’s mountain sports shoes”

Why Are Keywords Important

and what are they for in SEO? Positioning-Web-SEO They are important, because thanks to them, users find what they are looking for, and you, as the administrator of a web page, help you to be better positioned and therefore, when they search on Google, you appear among the first results. Keywords are essential for SEO positioning , since search engines need to know what the content is in order to classify it. That is why it is important to choose the right keywords well,

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since these will allow you to position your content in the first results, which translates into an increase in visits. But they are not only important for the positioning of your site, but also because they respond to the search made by the user on the Internet. You need to know your ideal client, that is, create your buyer persona , to understand how they act on the web and know what words they would use to find something. If you do not know how your potential customers search and you use incorrect words that do not correspond to the text they write in the search engine,

You Will Lose Audience

Keywords are for users and potential customers to find an answer to their questions. One of the bases of your SEO strategy is that you plan well the keywords that you are going to use to position your content. Here we recommend that you do a good keyword research or keyword research , where you have a document with a wide list of keywords, including the long tail, so that you can consult it every time you upload a new content to your website. You should not always bet on high-volume words, that is, it is most likely that if you sell “sneakers”,

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