Why Are Both Important?

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Why Are Both Important?

You can have great content that adds value to your client and is of quality, but if you have a bad UX design, the user, when they come into contact with your page, will leave it immediately. That is why the UX strategy is improved with Inbound marketing through aspects such as: buyer person The first thing you have to take into account is: what your ideal client is like, how they behave and what needs they have. Creating the profile of your buyer person is important, since your strategies will focus on him.

It is fundamental in the inbound methodology, because the client is in the center, not the product. By understanding the needs and concerns of your customers, you will be able to create a better user Venezuela whatsapp number list such as a fast loading of your page or an intuitive and functional navigation. provoke emotions Both in UX and Inbound, the aim is to generate an emotion in the client, since this makes the difference with your competition. Seek to generate positive emotions to make that customer be loyal to your brand and come back to you.

The Important Thing Is To Build

trust to convert them into loyal customers. customer journey A customer journey is a representation of the process a customer goes. Through to make a purchase. If you understand the entire process that a client carries. Out from the moment a search is made to solve a need until the purchase is made, you will gain an advantage. If your user experience is good from the moment the client enters the discovery phase, they will want to continue getting to know you, so they will move on to the next phase, the consideration phase.

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By understanding the customer journey, you can offer them a better user experience so. That when they interact with your web platform they decide to stay and thus take them to the purchase. Quality content This section is important within Inbound marketing because if you generate valuable content for your potential client, you will get them in your brand and thus start generating links. You may have done the best UX design, but if your content does not add anything new. Attract attention,

Matter How Good An Interface

you have created, the user will leave your website in just a few seconds. Now that you know what UX is. And the importance of it well on your website, it’s time. In addition, combining it with the Inbound marketing strategy will give you better results. You will be able to provide the best user experience to your potential customers. While attracting them to convert them into customers.

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