While Until Now Google Used a Single American

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While Until Now Google Used a Single American

IP to crawl all websites with its Google Bot , Google will now use many different IPs from many countries to crawl websites and local users . To crawl websites taking regional settings into account, Google will use two types of crawling configuration: Geodistributed exploration: the Google robot will use, in addition to the American IP, many local IPs to crawl websites according to their geographical location.While Adwords advertisements are taking up more and more space in search results, the SEO click-through rate is decreasing depending on the

Adwords formats used, this new study by Advanced Web Ranking on SEO CTR confirms this. (We will talk in this article a lot about the impact of Adwords advertisements because they are the ones that were mainly studied in this study). Summary : The evolution of the Saudi arabia whatsapp number list rate of natural results with Adwords advertisements VS without advertisements: CTR SEO With and Without Adwords Ads This graph shows the evolution of the SEO CTR according to the presence or not of Adwords advertising formats in the search results .

The Position Most Impacted by the Drop in the

SEO click rate remains first place with a 45% drop in clicks when advertising. Formats are present on the results page. Positions 2, 3, 4 and 5 are also very impacted in slightly lower proportions. Than the first place since they respectively lose of traffic when Adwords. Advertisements are present in the SERPs ! The evolution of the percentage of SEO clicks according to the number of Adwords advertisements. CTR SEO without Adwords ads VS with This study also reveals the evolution of. SEO CTR according to the number of Adwords ads that appear at the top of Google’s natural results .

This graph shows us the drop in the SEO click-through rate of results with 1, 2 and 3 ads before the organic results compared to the average SEO CTR when no ads are present before the organic results. It is not surprising that the greater the number of Adwords advertisements displayed, the lower the natural CTR (logical) ! For example, a natural result present in the first position will obtain , according to this study, 45% less traffic if 3 Adwords ads precede it compared to the volume of clicks that it would potentially obtain if only 1 ad were present. If this same result in position 1 is not preceded by any

Adwords Ads, It Will Get About 58% More Seo

Clicks than if it is preceded by 3 ads ! SEO click-through rate based on ad placement: SEO click-through rate ad positions This graph compares the SEO click through rate according to the different types of ads that you can find in the search results (ads located at the top (top ads), ads located on the right (Right side ads) and ads located below natural results (bottom ads)). Unsurprisingly, the advertisements that seem to affect the SEO CTR the least according to this Advanced Web Ranking study are the advertisements located below the search results !

The evolution of the average SEO CTR according to the positions on mobile and PC. Average SEO click-through rate positions This graph shows the evolution of the. SEO click rate according to natural positioning . The particularity of this graph lies in the fact that it compares both the. SEO click-through rate on PC but also the SEO CTR analyzed on mobile . We note that the two types of devices analyzed have substantially identical. Results with the exception of position 1 which captures less traffic on mobile than on desktop . This graph also shows us that smartphone users are more likely to consult the other.

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