When We Talk About Long

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When We Talk About Long


Tail we refer to the use of very specific search terms, using several words. For example, “women’s hiking shoes” would be a perfect example of long-tail keywords. The use of this type of keywords is a strategy widely used in recent years within content marketing , since its effectiveness in search engine positioning has been demonstrated. Being much more specific, less general, they tend to have less competition. Obviously, they will not bring you as much traffic, but they are easier to position, and if you are going to bid on them, cheaper because the competition is less.

In addition, as it is a very specific search, the possibility of conversion increases. We give you an example, if the user searches for shoes, he is looking in general, but if he puts “women’s shoes to walk in Greece whatsapp number list mountains”, it is because in that specific product. Why are they so important? Long tail keywords, while not having a high search volume due to being very specific search terms, do have a higher conversion rate. Continuing with the example from the previous section,

If The User Searches For “sneakers”

it is most likely that they are simply looking or looking for information. On the other hand, if the search is “women’s shoes to walk in the mountains”, it is understood that the user knows what he wants and therefore, if he finds it, he will buy it. Therefore, if your product comes up when making such a specific search, the user will choose you, which is why the conversion rate is higher. If you bet only on sneakers, you will have much more competition.

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Long tail words are important because they bring you traffic interested in buying, they are easier to position, and also, being cheaper, you can invest more in your SEO strategy. Positioning-Web-SEO-png Why are they useful to increase your web traffic and conversions? In the previous points we have mentioned it, but we are going to explain the main reasons: They are easier to position . The main keywords , such as sneakers, have great competition,

Since Most Companies In The Sector

will bet on it. But betting on the long tail also helps you position the main keyword, since it appears in the term. In addition, the queries of the users, in general, if they are very general, it is because they are not in the purchase phase, they are not ready for conversion. Helps audience segmentation . As we have told you throughout this article, they are very specific terms, which means that the user is ready to make the purchase, they need to find what they are looking for.

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