Whatsapp Will Stop Working on Older Operating Systems on December 31

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Whatsapp Will Stop Working on Older Operating Systems on December 31

The close farewell of 2017 and the imminent arrival of 2018 place us in a period of reflection. It is time to take stock to leave behind all the negative and what does not help us to enter the new year ahead without burdens. And this includes your smartphone . Take a look at that mobile device you can’t even sleep with. Already? It sure is full of apps . These are the great defenders of our attention and time, but based on these we have developed a kind of technological Diogenes Syndrome. How many of the apps you have installed do you actually use? According to a recent study carried out by App Annie , each user has an average of between 60 and 90 applications each year.

Of these, he only uses nine daily. It is time to clean your mobile of all those applications that are not doing you any good or are of no use to you. Nothing better than starting the new year with a mobile free of apps that are only taking up space. Of course it is only advice and recommendations. Everyone is free to have all the apps they french mobile phone want installed on their smartphone, even if they haven’t used them for months. Apps that can get you down Social networks are excellent platforms for sharing our lives with the people we care about. But they are also ideal when it comes to showing off to those we want to impress or seek their admiration. We have all experienced on some occasion.

Detox Plan for Your Smartphone: These Are the Apps

that dopamine rush that gives us a like. Don’t trust. It is momentary pleasure as various studies have found that the more we use social networks, the more depressed we become in the long run. There is no social network that is saved from undermining our self-esteem in the long term. The decision is now in your hand. Apps that waste your time We all turn to the smartphone when we have to wait. Reason why we have exclusive apps to make these moments as bearable as possible. But how much time do we waste looking at the phone without any productive results? De acuerdo a un estudio elaborado por Plos One, cada persona pasa de media al año frente a su smartphone el equivalente a 23 días.


Esto hace un total de 3,9 años de nuestras vidas. Entre las aplicaciones que más nos hacen perder el tiempo están por supuesto las de las redes sociales. A estas se suman los juegos como el Candy Crush y las que nos prometen encontrar el amor de nuestras vidas como Tinder. No se olvide de eliminar otras como Reddit donde la diversidad de conversaciones le llevará a discusiones que sólo se traducen en una pérdida de tiempo. Aplicaciones que nos suponen un gasto The freemium model is the most widespread in the world of applications . The problem lies in the purchases that are required to unlock features. That is where your real business lies.

Surely at This Point You Can Think

Which is why you should start 2018 by deleting all games from your smartphone. Apps that make you work 24/7 The great advantage of smartphones is that they give us direct access to whoever we want at any time and place. A double-edged sword since this omnipresence translates into greater difficulties when disconnecting from work . We have begun to reach a point where new legislation is having to be put in place to separate professional from personal life. Such is the case in France, where the “right to disconnect” has been recognized for workers once they have left the office. Surely at this point you can think of several applications to get rid of. Now that you have removed everything unnecessary.

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