What Works in 2017 According to 628 Seo Professionals!

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What Works in 2017 According to 628 Seo Professionals!

As you probably already know  SEO is 3 fundamental pillars: technique, content and links. If these 3 pillars all have their role to play independently, they are also all complementary . This latest study confirms this once again. Methodology SEO Suite surveyed a fairly representative sample of 628 SEO professionals. From various types of companies and with different levels of experience study sample. Here is an overview of the sample and the distribution of SEOs questioned by this American study Summary. What are the 5 types of content that naturally attract the most backlinks in content types work. Here are the 5 types of content that work best for getting backlinks in 2017 according to more than. SEO professionals According to this study, the 5 types of content that would work to obtain natural links in 2017 would be:

Quantified studies and research (the proof with this article, they will obtain a themed natural link…) Videos Infographics white papers Webinars 70% of SEOs felt that studies and quantified research was a very good way to obtain natural backlinks in 2017 . 66% of them also felt that videos were a very good lever that should not be overlooked. The types of links  calling jordan cell phone from us preferred by professionals, by type of SEO, in 2017: types of backlinks 2017 Here is an overview of the types of backlinks preferred by SEOs in 2017 All SEOs, whether they work in an agency, with the advertiser, independently or in small structures, do not necessarily have the same vision of netlinking that works in. What is quite interesting is that everyone seems to agree on the creation of backlinks from social networks while Google, through.

What Are the 5 Types of Content That Naturally

Vincent Courson has once again reminded that it does not take into account the social. Signals in the ranking of their search results. If obtaining nofollow links from social networks can be interesting in all cases to diversify .Your backlink profile it is still quite surprising that most of the SEOs questioned claim. To mainly get their backlinks from social networks. What volume of links per month for what average monthly budget number of backlinks study. How many links for what monthly budget.


This study presents the overall results. Even if we do not have visibility on the scale of the sites managed the 628 SEOs questioned. These average data are interesting to understand at what rate the SEOs based across the Atlantic, build their strategy. Thus the vast majority of SEOs surveyed try to obtain between 1 and 20 (quality) backlinks per month when more than 100 SEOs surveyed try to obtain between 20 and 100 per month. The Types of Links Preferred Professionals.

3 Things to Remember About the Mobile-first Index and Its Ongoing Rollout:

While the average monthly budget allocated to link building varies widely. While only a few weeks ago, at the beginning of October 2017 Google began full-scale testing of its brand new mobile-first index. This major change to the current functioning of the organic search results ranking algorithm will now deployed. Slowly and gradually from site to site. Concretely Google compares the mobile and desktop version of each site to assess the differences.

Concretely if you have a responsive site or a mobile site on a subdomain with substantially. The same content and the same source code as the Desktop version, your site should not negatively impacted by this major update. From Google and you don’t have to do much . Once integrated into the mobile-first index. The changes should be difficult to notice in terms of SEO and Google user positioning. It is in any case the objective of the search engine which already considers itself satisfied with the current search results and don’t want to mess things up. Conversely if you have a mobile site on a subdomain with different content and code or you just don’t have a mobile site at all. You’re going to have to work a lot more to make your website compatible and optimized for the mobile-first index .

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