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We Are Taking More Care

Depending on the type of advertiser, readers can sometimes rate native ads as just as reliable as the news. Two articles about leasing cars. One is only about the advantages, the other about the Russia Phone Number List pros and cons. One-sided vs two-sided article 2 & 3. Transparency and Education It’s best to make the label you add to native ads as explicit and transparent as possible. And yes, this ensures that more readers know.

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That they are watching an ad. This can sometimes lead to a more critical attitude. But (trying to) mislead readers is unethical. And it can also cause readers to react extra negatively if they do realize that they are looking at a native ad. My (and several other) studies show that readers respond more positively if they feel that the advertiser and news website are transparent about the native ad. Moreover, offering extra.

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Russia Phone Number List

Education is a good idea, for example via an additional label behind an information button. This can further increase the reader’s understanding of native ads. How do you increase transparency? Show a label before readers click to read the native ad (to avoid clickbait). Make the label visually prominent enough. News websites themselves should regularly test this.

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