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We answer ipsum dolor sit amet. Your image as an employer, take advantage of the help of an experience public relations agency. Specialists working in such a company will help you in crisis situations and indicate. The best direction for PR activities. Thanks to them, you will quickly improve your image, learn how to react to unfavorable opinions and how to create effective communication with current and potential employees. Cooperation with a professional agency is your chance for good PR. At Commplace, we know how to conduct effective public relations activities on the Internet and beyond. We share our many years of experience, use innovative tools and create tailor-made communication strategies.

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Contact us and check how we do good PR. Good to know. How to respond to unfavorable comments online. Negative reviews should be responde to professionally and thoughtfully. It’s best to contact the reviewer directly and ask about the motives behind such posts and have the reviewer remove the review themselves. How to remove a negative opinion from the Work portal. Negative opinions may be remove if this fact is reporte to the portal administrator and specific reasons for their removal are indicate. The second way is to create a paid employer profile through which you can directly manage reviews.

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How to avoid negative opinions about the brand on the Internet. To avoid negative opinions, it is worth using appropriate public relations.  Activities and strengthening the company’s image. It is worth using the help of an experience PR agency for this The Commplace team has successfully intensifie activities on Facebook and Instagram, giving the client exceptional results compare to the competition. How did we manage to get such good results. We know each other on social meia As part of our cooperation with Vandemoortele, we have create B2C phone List content and graphics for the LinkeIn platform. Our team of specialists regularly create original.  Content that was tailore to the nees and requirements of the client. 

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