Want to in Control Ourselves

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Want to in Control Ourselves

Pins that refer to blogs and other useful content on your website. Then it comes down to creating and optimizing Switzerland Phone Number List your Pins. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a marathon, not a sprint. Regular and frequent posting is important to become and stay visible. Especially if you are in e-commerce and want Pinterest to highlight your content from time to time.

Care Process and Simple Steps

should post Pins with your own content at least once a day. Pinterest Content Best Practices Your content is the key to success on Pinterest. Pinterest itself analyzed which ingredients make Pins successful and makes a number of creative recommendations: Warm, expressive colors (red tones rather than blue tones) Short videos from 6 to 15 seconds Provide context to the images Sufficient width in your image with.

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Switzerland Phone Number List

Images without faces do better But there’s more: Get branding 97% of the image on Pinterest has no branding. Therefore, apply a logo or a logo element yourself at a fixed place in your expressions. Mobile-first please 85% of Pinners are on the app. So make sure that not only your images but especially your fonts work well on mobile.

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