Voices of experience – conversation with Laurel Tubi, founder of Mediabistro

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Voices of experience – conversation with Laurel Tubi, founder of Mediabistro

Like many successful companies, Laurel Tuby built a business out of her own needs. He wanted his community of friends to bond with him, and a media bistro was born. For several years now I have admired what Laurel created from afar. I asked if I could interview him and he said yes. One of the lessons the interview revealed was that persistence pays off. Don’t take no. The more enjoyable you can hear the No, the easier it will be to overcome what you think is being rejected.

Avil Beckford: Tell me about yourself.

Laurel Tuby: I started out as a journalist and made a living as a journalist. Somehow I found that I created a professional community based on my own needs. When you start a business, you quickly discover that your own needs often reflect the Afghanistan phone number list needs of others. After knowing that I have a need to communicate with others who are like me – fellow journalists, media professionals. Other people came out of the logs and told me they wanted to go to more parties. At first I didn’t know it was business, I only knew that I made ends meet. The need is for community and then we don’t have Facebook, we have bars and restaurants, we have local drinking establishments.

Avil Beckford: What are your typical days?

Laurel Tuby: I now work in a mediabistro two days a week and I also work alone. I sold the company in 2007 for $ 23 million. I decided to work in a media bistro part time and work on other projects for myself. I am the bistro media ambassador. I speak to the press, I speak at events, and I attend conferences. I am still the face of the company. And for the rest of the day I advise beginners, sit on the advisory board and have a lot of meetings. I always date. These are my days, they are confused, there are so many different things I am working on at the same time. Every day is different. It’s hard to go through an ordinary day.

Avil Beckford: How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?

Laurel Tuby: I’ve never had a motivation problem. I thought I was born to prove myself. That’s what happened in New York. There are many people in New York who struggle to be better than the next person. There is so much competition and you can feel it in the energy in the air. You can’t sit still because when you sit still people ask you, “What were you doing, what were you doing? What were you doing? What were you doing?” It’s impossible to stay here and do nothing. In terms of what motivates me, I probably see everyone around me working better and working harder. It motivates me. I think I have to work harder and do better. I find it hard not to be motivated.

Avil Beckford: If you had to start over and you knew what you know now, what would you have done differently?

Laurel Tuby: That’s a tough question because b2c phone list things are a lot easier now. If I had to look back it would be nice because I wasn’t one of those people who looked back and said a lot of things they would have done differently. I can be more “Craigslisty” and go further, not just for the media. I ended up specializing in one niche until Craig’s list got big – he did it for everyone. We started at the same time. Looking back, maybe I took a different path, maybe I went a step further and it cost a billion dollars than where we are, but I like the audience I served. In that sense, it was a very deliberate decision. So I don’t know if I would have done it differently.

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