View of the Future Often

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View of the Future Often

A itself from the rest. In addition, it can also be a good starting point to develop the visual expressions of a company. Think of the logo, the website or other marketing expressions in which the visual  Israel Phone Number List image plays an important role. A visual strategy is successful if there is a collection of visual expressions that correspond to the overall image of the company and if it matches the target group. In general, the content of a visual.

Optimism or Pessimism Looking

The strategy describes What types of visual expressions. Should  product Who it is aim at How to develop these visual expressions Through which channels these expressions brought into the world What are the parts of a visual strategy? Let me wake you up: a visual strategy is not a brand guide. It’s 100% true that a brand guide is an important part of building your brand visually.

Methodical More Palette of Possible

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But a visual strategy consists of much more than that. The core consists of the following parts: 1. Goals and priorities A visual strategy starts with setting goals and priorities. This sounds obvious (just like with just about any strategy) but often insufficient attention is paid to this. In which areas should visual results be achieved and what should be achieved after a certain period of time.

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