Version 62 of Google Chrome, Deployed Since October 2017

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Version 62 of Google Chrome, Deployed Since October 2017

Google had recently reminded this via a massive email sent to all webmasters. Who do not have an HTTPS site, the Google Chrome browser, used by more than 48% of French Internet users. Now displays (in its version 62) a new warning ” No secure. When Internet users fill in search fields or form fields on non-HTTPS websites in traditional and/or private browsing. A new dynamic “Not secure” warning on Google Chrome 62! change google chrome 62 Concretely. This new warning is dynamic in the non-private version of Chrome.

If a user uses a search engine or fills in any “input” field of a form. The warning is displayed dynamically even if it was not present when the page loaded (see example below ). chrome insecure warning The “Not secure” warning visible as soon as the page loads on Google bulk sms singapore in private browsing. In private browsing, on Google Chrome 62, the warning “Not secure” is displayed. The Internet user as soon as the page is loaded when an <input> field or search engine is detected by Google in the page. The large majority of HTTP websites are therefore directly concerned. Towards a 100% HTTPS web? Google wants it!

Until Now Google Chrome Only Displayed This Warning

On non sites that had a login interface. This “Not secure” warning an impact on the bounce rate and other statistics related to the use of a site. Is therefore now extended: one more reason to consider a migration to HTTPS in 2017 – 2018. Towards a 100% HTTPS web via Chrome. Behind this latest Chrome update is surely Google’s desire to mark. all sites as “Not secure” by 2018, and this, as soon as the page loads, even if the Internet user does not fills in any field and even if no connection interface will be present on the site.


B testing is a common practice used at Google to determine which variants perform best according to their own (undisclosed) KPIs. Thus, in 2016, no less than 9,800 tests were carried out by Google live on its search engine. Here is a summary of the latest 11 search result variations seen lately. After testing many variations of its Google Adwords advertisements to arrive at the very discreet green “ad” label , Google has since tackled the formatting of its mobile and desktop search results. Here are 11 variants recently detected by webmasters and digital professionals. The links in gray with the URL placed above the Title of the page Instead of their traditional blue, the links are here in gray and the Title in black.

The Traditionally Green and Placed Under

Title of the page is here placed above and in gray. Finally, the sitelinks are underlined unlike the current version where they are not. google testing links in gray with the URL placed above the of the page in smaller size. The only difference with the previous version: the size of the font used for the URL of the page is much smaller. Thus giving a little more importance to the rest of the cartridge. Google testing radical change for search results In this variant, almost the entire title block changes. Blue and green are abandoned almost everywhere except for the small rectangle added to the left of the page title.

A gray border also separates the of the site from its Title. google testing. A variant with the Title of the page more highlighted. This variant is similar to the previous one with two differences the blue rectangle added to the left of the Page Title is much wider and the gray border that separated. the of the site and its Title has disappeared. google testing 4 5- A variant with actions that can be performed on the cartridge Concretely, this variant is the same as #2 with the only difference that 3 small dots have been added to the top right of the cartridge. These 3 small points could for example allow users to access the cached version of the page or similar pages.

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