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Strong supply chains Trend 2. The government crypto Trend 3. The catechization of our society Trend 4. Zero-knowledge necessary Blockchain will provide new breakthroughs Trend 1. Strong Kenya Phone Number List supply chains In a short period of time, we have seen how incredibly vulnerable, but also how incredibly important strong supply chains are. Disruptions to it are still the order of the day, from building materials from Poland to.

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lenses from Italy and electronic equipment from China. More and more governments (such as the Dutch and American authorities ) are therefore engaged in ‘reshoring’, the return of their production to their own country or closer to home. Companies such as Apple, Adidas, Boeing, Zara, and Philips are also working on this. An insane operation, in which companies jointly invest 1000 billion euros.

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Toyota set the standard years ago with the ‘Just In Time’ principle. All supply chains are so perfectly aligned that there are virtually no inventories. As a result, it only takes Zara 3 weeks to get a piece of clothing from the drawing board into the store. And Volkswagen has now built up a chain with almost 1 million suppliers. Due to corona.

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