Use Numbers in Your Titles and Meta Description

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Use Numbers in Your Titles and Meta Description

Using numbers in titles and meta descriptions is a great way to grab the user’s attention. By clicking on your link, he then knows what to expect (be careful not to disappoint him, however, this could penalize your positioning more than anything else with the poggo sticking effect). According to a recent study conducted by Conductor, using numbers in your titles improves the average CTR by 36% , just that! Do not hesitate to use them wisely in your Title and Meta description. Here are some examples : « Get a quote in less than 2 minutes! » “10 tips for a successful SEO strategy” “5 essential tools to boost your conversion rate” “How to boost your sales by 25% with this easy-to-implement strategy” 6.

For short and descriptive URLs If you’ve checked out our On-Page SEO optimization infographic , you know that short URLs work better for SEO than long URLs or URLs with many IDs. For the optimization of its click rate in the search results of Google and any other China WhatsApp Number List engine, it is also important! Many CMS like WordPress allow you to simply rewrite and optimize your URLs, don’t hesitate. 7. Test your Titles and Meta description In the same way that we do A/B testing to optimize the user experience and conversions on a website, it is possible to A/B test titles to determine which ones work. the best. To do so, you have different options: Share your content on

Twitter Several Days Apart Using Different Titles,

Repeat the operation several times (if the page lends itself to it) then analyze the results Make several Google Adwords ads with different ads, then distribute the budget fairly between your ads and then observe which one works best (no need for a big budget for this in general, unless you evolve in a very very competitive field with very high CPCs). Share your pages on Facebook using different hooks and see the results (if you don’t have enough fans to do a representative test, a small budget Facebook Ads will do if your page is big enough for you to agree to invest a few euros in the latter).

If the last Google Penguin 4.0 update was long overdue throughout 2016, it is now well and truly deployed everywhere in the world and its effects will now be visible in real time! What are the impacts to be expected on the sites in the short and medium term? Announced for the first time in November 2015 , then shifted to 2016 and then being tested from January 2016 , the latest Google Penguin update took a long time to be deployed but it is now there since September 23 2016 ! Summary : Reminder: What is Google Penguin? Google PenguinFor those who are new to SEO and are not yet familiar with all of Google’s updates and their effects, know that Google Penguin is, along with Google Panda , one of those that has historically had the most negative impact on the SEO of websites.

First Launched in 2012, Google Penguin Has Radically

Changed SEO netlinking practices. More concretely, Google Penguin is an algorithmic filter that tackles unnatural and/or over-optimized link profiles . Thus, for example, a site with many dofollow links integrated sitewide in a sidebar of an external site with an optimized anchor such as “Paris SEO agency” will have a good chance of being impacted by Google Penguin. Some examples of links targeted / penalized by Google Penguin: Sitewide dofollow links in footer, sidebar, widget with optimized anchors Multiple dofollow links with optimized anchors from a single page to the same site Links in forum signatures with optimized anchors and dofollow Dofollow links with optimized anchors from directories dedicated to SEO … Google Penguin 4.0

deployed in France and around the world in real time: what impacts? Historically, the impacts of Google Penguin, whether positive or negative, were observed on fixed dates, during algorithm updates. From September 23, 2016, Penguin has been integrated into the core of Google’s algorithm , which means that, just like Google Panda, all of the impacts will now be visible in real time . More concretely, this will mean that: SEOs will no longer have to wait for a specific update date to see the impacts of their netlinking strategy , they may also suffer a loss of positions at any time if harmful actions are detected.

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