Understanding Of Alternative Perspectives

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Understanding Of Alternative Perspectives

Here we are talking about the term visual language (or in English a visual language A visual language is a form of communication that consists of visual elements with which people make associations Ivory Coast Phone Number List and connections. The purpose of this part of a visual strategy. To give the expressions which are compos in the previous section.  Own appearance so that people recognize a brand more quickly.

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The definition of a visual language includes Composing. The color palette For example Airbnb makes. use of a wide color palette in a structured way. The visual strategy in Airbnb’s color palette. Typographic Hierarchy One brand that does this well is Apple, making. Strict use of its typographic hierarchy on its website promotional materials, and software.

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Photography and Image Guidelines, For example, Uber responds well to this by focusing on both the users (drivers and passengers) and the product (the Uber app) in their visual material. To ensure that these elements are pursue  all parties involv a brand guide (yes, you read that correctly) certainly comes in handy within this part of a visual strategy.

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