ultimately I Believe There

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ultimately I Believe There

The development of augmented reality is still focused on fun. In the coming years, the application will become more practical, with product recognition, for Denmark Phone Number List example, and thus become interwoven in our daily lives. “ Apple, Google, and Facebook say AR will be as big of a change as it was when the iPhone was first introduced. Facebook is launching the Portal project in which they are also rolling out AR on others.

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In the video, you can see what our future could look like in the extreme case. We’re not interested in this, are we? Augmented reality takes place on your screen, mixed reality takes place in reality. In mixed reality, a link is made with your real-life via tech. Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram are taking child steps with AR filters in augmented, but also in mixed reality.

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Thanks to social media, the technique of augmented reality is used and understood by the masses. Soon it will be happening around us. Now there is no need for mixed reality. If you watch the video Hyperreality you even go a little crazy. The need only arises when the product is available, just like with the smartphone. You could imagine that in a while we will place a small device on our nostrils through which we can see the mixed reality 24/7. happy with it.

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