Turkey Talk – Is it OK to Text Your Friends During Thanksgiving Dinner?

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Turkey Talk – Is it OK to Text Your Friends During Thanksgiving Dinner?

Granted, Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s is probably the least favorite holiday for teenagers, so it’s not surprising that the number of instant messages placed on Thanksgiving Day increases each year. But texting your friends during Thanksgiving dinner, or sending out that client email on your Blackberry? Is that proper net etiquette or holiday etiquette? Probably not – let’s explore a few tips for socially responsible Blackberry and IM etiquette for the holiday season:

1. Generally, when others are expecting Turkey phone number list  your attention in a live conversation (whether in person or in a phone call), it’s inconsiderate to divert your attention to checking your email, or text messaging someone else. There are of course exceptions that are fine such as a sick family member, or newborn baby on the way, but for everyday emails and IMs, the person sitting across from you will generally find this inconsiderate. And yes, this applies to sitting at the Thanksgiving dinner table as well – it may be your only chance all year to catch up with the grandparents, and remember, don’t they at least give you a check or card with money in it during the holidays? So be considerate during holiday meals at least! And as to the Blackberry crowd, in a meal setting, turn the device off completely – no vibrate mode!

2. Remember to always check with the other person to see whether they are available before jumping right into an IM conversation. Even you’re not at the dinner table yet, your friend may just be sitting down for dinner and may not be available. So always check first with the other person by sending a ‘YT?’ (you there) message.

3. Text messages and even Blackberry emails, particularly around the holidays, should be information and brief. Anything lengthy or involved, particularly business stuff, means you should probably pick up the phone or send a regular email message.

4. Learn how to set up features in your IM program when you taking time off during the holidays. Taking a break around the holidays means a rare and welcomed chance to get away from your computer, Blackberry, PDA and any other devices you have, at least for work. So set up an away message using your IM program and set the dates accordingly, then remember to turn that feature off when you return to work. Microsoft Outlook generally will do this for you when you re-open the program after being away.

5. Many of us like to catch up on year-end stuff even if you are working during the week between Christmas and New Years. One great way b2c phone list to do this is to turn your devices off and just focus on getting your paperwork in order, or year end tax items, or anything else that needs your attention that you’ve neglected during the year. You likely neglected that stuff because you had all those devices turned on in the first place!

6. Most importantly on the list of short tips, be careful when driving this holiday season with many more cars on the road and people likely using their cell phones and other devices. Nearly 3,000 people each year are killed when talking on their cell phones while driving, and this doesn’t account for using Blackberry or text messaging which is even more dangerous.

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