Translate and Adapt Your Web Content to Other Languages

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Translate and Adapt Your Web Content to Other Languages

Not so many years ago, translations into other languages ​​were basically limited to books, movies, videos, and legal documents, among a few others. But, without a doubt, the arrival of the internet generated a highly relevant leap in the translation of web content into other languages; content that -as you well know- abounds in excess nowadays. All this caused the work of the translators to lose notoriety and importance, with hundreds of contents being translated simultaneously, without dedicating all the care, precision, and adaptation to the language and culture of the country of origin; or, at least, not as much as it should be. Today, we will see the importance of the correct translation and adaptation of languages.

Evidently, there are very few businesses -today- that have people on their staff wholly dedicated to these tasks, and, in fact, for this reason, many times the translation of texts and conversion to other languages ​​is done quickly and almost without paying much attention, which leads to a big mistake. But, today, there are many professional translators, such as tradupla, which, in addition to ensuring a perfect translation in terms of spelling Turkey WhatsApp Number List linguistics, also guarantees the correct adaptation to the different cultures of countries, thanks to its multicultural and native linguistic professionals. The importance of translating web content into other languages, adapting them to the country of origin as we well know.

The Importance of Adapting, in Language and Culture

The first image that a web page generates before the eyes of a potential client is something extremely important to position itself within their mind. In this way, when we have a digital site whose business allows us to generate any type of interaction with the user, whether in terms of sales of products and/or services or simply informative readings, in countries other than the country of origin, it is necessary for us to be able to offer such customers a suitable version in their own language. Or, if not, let’s put ourselves in the following scenario… Imagine how many times we have ended up, you or me, visiting an English-speaking page while we are in the middle of our navigation.


Hundreds, right? Whether browsing between eCommerce, digital magazines or newspapers, or even between social network profiles of foreign users. And, without a doubt, the internet is a completely open channel, where users can end up. On absolutely any page, and, without a doubt, if we like what we find. It is possible that we will end up carrying out some type of action. Therefore, it is necessary that we take advantage of the potential. That the internet offers us, in favor of our business, facilitating readers and/or clients access to our web content in other languages. What should we pay attention to when we carry out a translation?

What Should We Pay Attention to When We Carry

Well, now that we are clear about why we have to translate the content that we have on our site. We need to clarify what are those aspects that we must pay close attention to.  The name of our brand and our products the name of a brand, whatever it is, can be presented. In two different ways: as a proper name or as an invented name. In the latter case, we must ensure that, in the new language and under the new culture. It does not represent a dangerous meaning that could put our notoriety and brand reputation at risk. Either for purely linguistic reasons or for cultural reasons. The images and icons of our site also, when our business reaches other foreign countries. We need to make sure that our images and icons arrive correctly. In the destination country, without misleading concepts.

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